Time-management tips from VALEN lawyers

Jun, 11 2020

Time management is one of the top priorities at VALEN. When working on projects, you need 100% concentration and the ability to switch between tasks. At the same time, it is important for us that our colleagues don’t burn out emotionally and recharge their energy outside the office.

What are we doing at VALEN to get rid of procrastination and tiredness?

1. In the morning we draw up a to-do-list, and in the evening, we finalize the completed activities counting the spent time.

This way we reduce the likelihood of forgetting to do something important on our projects. This helps to monitor progress and analyze our work. After all, it happens that we spend too much time on minor tasks.

To get notifications of upcoming tasks we use online apps such as Trello or Google Tasks.

2. At the end of working day we go through all emails.

The main communication with clients and partners is via email. Therefore, we have a habit to read emails every morning for the past day, as well as at the beginning and end of working week. This way we avoid missing important emails.

And do not forget about the spam folder.

3. We take breaks.

It is very important for us to take breaks of 10-15 minutes at least once per hour. During the break, it is best to chat on the phone with friends or family or listen to an audio book. Also, there are special programs that lock the computer screen at certain intervals (suitable for those who lose track of time).

4. The most important thing we do in the morning.

We plan our day the way that all the main tasks are done with a fresh mind. After all, humans are most energetic and attentive after a good sleep.

5. We build communication with colleagues and ask them for help.

Properly organized work – 50% of success. It is important to share your progress – this will help to avoid the performance of the same work by several people. Also, there is nothing wrong with asking colleagues for help with a project. We do understand that sometimes one person can be overloaded by the scope of work.

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Time-management tips from VALEN lawyers
Valentina Khlavich
Managing Partner
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