It is planned to use QR-codes instead of passports in Moscow

Jun, 23 2020

The Russian Ministry of communications has proposed to conduct an experiment from July 1 to December 31, 2020 on using electronic passports instead of paper ones.

It will be possible to use a specially designed app which is called «Mobile ID». The Ministry of communications will be responsible for designing such an app.

Corresponding draft Resolution of the Russian Government which will regulate the whole procedure is being developed now.

In order to use the app and consequently the electronic passport it will be necessary:

  • to create an account in the Unified identification and authentication system;
  • to create an account in the System of access control to Moscow information resources;
  • to install the app on your mobile phone or pad;
  • to activate the app in Multi-functional center.

With the electronic passport a citizen will be able to conclude a labor agreement, to register as a sole proprietor and conduct some other legally binding actions.

It is planned to issue electronic passports only starting from 2025 and to cancel paper ones completely from 2030.

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It is planned to use QR-codes instead of passports in Moscow
Valentina Khlavich
Managing Partner
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