Residence permit in Russia in 2023

Jan, 15 2024

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Foreigners who want to permanently live in the country draw up such a document as a residence permit for the Russian Federation 2023. It has no time limits, so the official permit does not need to be renewed periodically. At the same time, this document gives the holder an almost complete list of rights that Russian citizens have, with a few exceptions. Such document is mostly drawn up on the basis of a temporary residence permit, but there may be exceptions.

A few years ago, a residence permit was issued for 5 years, after which foreigners had to submit a new request to state authorities. However, in 2019 amendments came into force that made the permanent residence permit in Russia indefinite.

The only thing that is required from foreign citizens is to periodically confirm that they are still living in the country. In addition, if a residence permit was issued to a valuable specialist on the basis of a work permit, it is valid only as long as this permit is valid. Finally, we must not forget that the document can be canceled, for example, if a foreigner violates the law, poses a threat to national security, or simply does not live in the country for a long time. In such cases, permission can be restored only through the courts.

How to get residence permit in Russia in 2023

Foreigners apply for a residence permit in Russia in 2023 according to a standard or simplified procedure. The standard procedure assumes that first you will receive a temporary residence permit, and only after that you will apply for permanent residence. This is usually a laborious task, since the government determines quotas for temporary permits, they are rather modest, and the lucky few manage to get through the quota for the first time.

However, there may be exceptions to avoid the quota. Also, some foreigners have the right to draw up documents without a TRP. For example, this is true for highly qualified specialists who are invited to work in Russian companies. So, after receiving a TRP or under a simplified procedure, foreigners go through the following stages of filing documents:

  • exam in Russian language, history and fundamentals of legislation;
  • preparation and submission of an application;
  • provision of TRP (if necessary) or confirmation of the grounds for the simplified procedure;
  • medical examination and receiving certificate of the absence of dangerous diseases;
  • confirmation of income and its compliance with the living wage;
  • when living in the country for more than 3 years – confirmation of the availability of housing;
  • payment of the duty.

Let us take a closer look at those who has the right to draw up documents in a simplified manner.

  • refugees;
  • citizens of Belarus and Turkmenistan;
  • official native speakers of the Russian language;
  • participants of state resettlement programs;
  • highly qualified specialists invited to work and their families.

Obtaining a residence permit in Russia 2023 on the basis of marriage

Marriage or being married in itself cannot serve as a basis for obtaining a permanent residence permit. Conclusion of a marriage with a Russian citizen does not allow to simplify the procedure of processing documents. Foreigners who have entered into marriage in the Russian Federation also have to wait for a quota, obtain a temporary permit, and only then apply for a residence permit.

It is important to consider a few nuances. First: after receiving a temporary permit, you need to live in the country for 8 months, and afterwards to apply for permanent residence. Second: the procedure lasts long enough, the application will be considered for at least 2 weeks.

However, due to the latest amendments, some categories of foreigners can do without confirmation of the period of residence and the presence of a legal source of income. However, this applies only to those foreign citizens for whom the law made an exception. For example, the amendments simplified the procedure for citizens of Ukraine and Belarus. They made an exception for foreigners who married a local resident at least 3 years ago and those who have children in common with citizens of the Russian Federation.

Lawyers recommend taking into account that obtaining a residence permit in Russia in 2023 will be considered illegal if it was issued on the basis of a fictitious marriage with a citizen of the country. In such cases, law enforcement agencies file a statement of claim with the court. And if in court it finds out that the residence permit of the Russian Federation in 2023 was obtained on the basis of a fictitious marriage, the permit will be canceled, and the foreigner will have to leave the country. At the same time, a marriage concluded for the sake of obtaining residence documents is considered fictitious.

Residence permit in Russia 2023 for pensioners

Elderly people are often interested in whether there are any benefits for them when preparing documents. However, laws do not differentiate people by age, unless it is about children. Therefore, retirees go through the standard procedure, like other foreigners.

What documents are necessary in order to apply for a residence permit in Russia 2023

The main document is an application submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the place of residence. However, please note: you submit the package of documents along with the application in the region in which the TRP was received. But the permanent residence permit itself is valid throughout the country, and does not restrict your movements. Also the package of documents includes:

  • identification;
  • two standard photos: color or black and white;
  • receipt of payment of the duty (in case of refusal, the amount is not refundable);
  • confirmation that you have passed exams in language and other basic subjects.

Be prepared that the migration authority will refuse. This does not happen so often, as a rule, if officials find violations in documents. But such a possibility cannot be ruled out, especially since there is an opportunity to file an appeal. To keep the appeal deadline, you can track the status of your application yourself: you can do this online. However, it will be possible to find out the decision of officials only in person, with a personal appeal to the migration service.

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Residence permit in Russia in 2023
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