Confirmation of a permanent residence permit in Russia

Dec, 09 2020


For a long time, a permanent residence permit (PRP) in Russia was valid up to five years. After this period foreigners had to re-apply for the extension of the PRP. Of course, if they did not decide to leave the Russian Federation. However, in 2019, amendments to migration legislation came into force, which made the residence permit unlimited. These legislative changes have relieved foreign citizens living in Russia from the need to periodically reissue documents.

However, there are formalities that still need to be followed. Violation of legal requirements is fraught with large fines for foreigners, cancellation of a residence permit and other sanctions by regulatory authorities. One of these requirements is confirmation of the fact of residence in the country.

Migration legislation provides for many exceptions to the rules or benefits for certain categories of migrants. For example, highly qualified specialists who are invited to work in Russia draw up documents in a simplified manner. However, they receive a residence permit strictly for the same period as their work permit. But law does not provide any exceptions to the obligation to annually confirm residence.

Goals and objectives of the notification

The annual confirmation of a residence permit in Russia helps the state to solve several problems at once. Firstly, by filing a notification, government agencies receive information about the permanent residence of migrants in Russia.

Secondly, thanks to this rule, state authorities can check for how long a foreign citizen left the Russian Federation. This is necessary in order to check whether the foreigner has not violated the terms of stay abroad for one year. If he has been abroad for too long without a compelling reason provided for by law, this may serve as a basis for canceling the residence permit.

Finally, the notification allows you to assess the financial condition of a foreigner, whether he has enough funds to support himself and his family members in the Russian Federation. Having income is another legal requirement for foreigners.

For all these reasons, a foreign citizen permanently living in Russia who has received a residence permit is obliged to annually notify the Ministry of Internal Affairs with confirmation of his stay in the country. At the same time, the law does not require a foreigner to personally come to the migration service every year and submit confirmation in person. This can also be done using an electronic form or by mail.

Despite this, every 5 years a foreign citizen must personally appear at the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the place of residence and submit a notification. If a foreigner violates the obligation to annually confirm his or her residence in the Russian Federation and within two subsequent calendar years does not notify the state authorities that he is still living in Russia, his residence permit may be canceled.

As you can see, the legislation is quite loyal, and for a one-time violation, a foreigner’s residence permit is not canceled. However, systematic neglect of legal requirements is fraught with sanctions. In order to avoid claims from government agencies, it is important to confirm on time that you are still residing in the country.

What documents are needed to confirm a residence permit in Russia in 2020:

  • completed notification form;
  • passport (scan with enhanced qualified digital signature for electronic submission);
  • valid residence permit (scan with enhanced qualified EDS for electronic submission);

Procedure for notification

How long does it take to submit residence notification? The deadline for submission and the procedure for action is based on the following algorithm:

  • Obtaining a residence permit.
  • Living in Russia on the basis of a residence permit for a year.
  • Submission of a notification within two months after the expiration of one calendar year from the date of receipt of the residence permit. In this case, you can submit a notification by any of the available options: by mail, by electronic notification, and so on. Of course, if there is no obligation to submit the notification in person, as mentioned above.

If a foreign citizen fully complies with the legal requirements for notifying the migration authorities, does not commit offenses during his residence in the Russian Federation, then there is no reason to believe that this citizen can be held liable for violating migration legislation. Consequently, the likelihood of adverse consequences, for example, in the form of imposition of penalties or cancellation of a residence permit, is reduced to zero.

This allows foreign citizens to fully enjoy all the benefits and advantages provided for by a Russian PRP.

Benefits of a residence permit

These advantages include the possibility of further obtaining Russian citizenship. A document such as a residence permit itself serves as the basis for obtaining citizenship if a foreigner wants to submit an application. However, a residence permit gives a visitor an almost full scope of rights and freedoms.

A foreign citizen who has received a residence permit has the right to freely change his place of residence on the territory of the Russian Federation, while there is no need to warn the Ministry of Internal Affairs authorities when moving. You just need to register at a new place of residence.

In addition, a residence permit allows a foreign citizen to freely cross the border of the Russian Federation: to enter and leave an unlimited number of times per year. The only limitation is the length of stay outside the country. It must not exceed 6 months or 180 days in one calendar year, otherwise the residence permit may be canceled. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

The next advantage of a residence permit is the ability to work freely in any Russian company and in any region. Moreover, foreign citizens permanently residing in the territory of the Russian Federation and having received a residence permit acquire the right to a pension provision: on the same conditions as for Russian citizens.

We have not listed all the advantages of obtaining a residence permit, but we have named the most important and demanded powers granted to foreign citizens permanently residing in Russia.At the same time, one should not forget that a foreign citizen’s residence permit in Russia imposes certain duties on him, one of which is the annual notification of the migration authorities to confirm the residence permit in Russia.

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Confirmation of a permanent residence permit in Russia
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