Residence permit in Russia due to a child

Jan, 14 2024

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A foreign citizen can stay in Russia only on the basis of particular documents. If visit to the country is short, a passport, migration card or visa is enough. But for a long stay, a temporary or permanent residence permit is required. Most foreigners who work in Russia tend to apply for a residence permit, since this document allows you to freely get a job, do business, move from place to place. And one of the options for this document is a residence permit in Russia due to a child.

In fact, this is the same document indicating personal data, date of issue and validity. In addition, the Russian residence permit due to children in 2020 is issued indefinitely. Its validity is not limited. The only thing to do is to change the document after reaching the age of 14, 20 or 45 years, as well as when changing personal data. The peculiarity is that the foreigner receives such a permit for permanent residence on the basis of kinship: if children or parents have Russian citizenship.

The advantages of obtaining a residence permit due to a child – citizen of the Russian Federation:

  • Unlimited stay along with the ability to freely cross the border. With this document, a foreigner does not need a visa or other additional documents to enter or leave the country. The reasons for the trip also do not matter. The only restriction: so that a residence permit is not canceled, the total period of stay abroad during the year should not exceed 6 months. True, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, a document cannot be canceled if a foreigner stayed abroad because of the death of a close relative or emergency treatment.
  • The ability to freely change one’s place of residence, move from region to region and work or do business everywhere without additional permits. For comparison: a temporary residence permit is valid only in the region where it was issued, it does not allow you to move freely within Russia.
  • Ability to issue an invitation to enter for friends, relatives and business partners.
  • No need to obtain a work permit or patent.
  • The right to free medical care and social support, as well as to receive a pension in Russia.
  • Opportunity to get a loan from a Russian bank.

Finally, a residence permit in the Russian Federation due to a child or on other grounds is a prerequisite if you plan to obtain citizenship.

General and simplified procedure for obtaining residence permit

A simplified procedure implies that you do not have to apply for a temporary residence permit (TRP). Whereas the general procedure requires that a foreigner first receive a TRP, live with this document in the country for at least 8 months, and only then apply for permanent residence. The simplified procedure allows to skip this stage, especially since it is long and time-consuming. However, for this a foreigner must have the grounds provided by law. These include:

  • A foreigner was born in the RSFSR and in the past had Soviet citizenship.
  • He is a valuable specialist invited to work in the country, or a member of the family of such a professional.
  • A foreign citizen is a recognized native speaker of the Russian language.
  • He is a child of foreigners and receives a residence permit with his parents.
  • He has parents / children who are citizens of the Russian Federation and permanently reside in the country.
  • A foreign citizen is a qualified specialist working under employment contract. True, only separately approved professions and work for at least six months are taken into account.

Obtaining a residence permit in the Russian Federation due to a child implies that you have a son or daughter – citizens of the country. But, as you can see from the list above, the opposite is also possible: submitting documents on the basis that the parents receive or received a residence permit – in this case, you can also draw up documents for a minor child. Or you can apply for a simplified scheme if your parents are citizens of the country.

A residence permit due to a child – a citizen of the Russian Federation is obtained by applying to the local authority of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. You need to not only submit a standard package of documents, fill out an application form and pay a fee, but also confirm the grounds. That is, if you apply for a residence permit in a simplified manner because your son is a citizen of Russia, this fact should be reflected in the documents. The application will be considered within 4 months.

Who can apply for permanent residence in the presence of a kinship:

  1. minors whose parents permanently live in the country;
  2. children who apply for accommodation with their parents or other official guardians;
  3. foreigners who have parents or children who are citizens of the Russian Federation and permanently residing in the country;
  4. foreign citizens declared legally incompetent, filling out documents with parents or other guardians, as an option – having parents with a valid residence permit;
  5. qualified specialists holding one of the positions approved by the Government for at least 6 months, as well as members of their family;
  6. family members of a highly qualified specialist.

If the parent has received a permanent residence permit, you can enter the child as a family member. An important condition: the child must be no more than 16 years old. In this case, there is no need to draw up additional documents. But if the parents still decided to apply for a separate residence permit for the child, it is most convenient to do this simultaneously with obtaining a residence permit for themselves.

What documents is necessary to submit for a child

A full package of documents is required for paperwork for a minor. It corresponds to the set of documents that adults submit, including medical examination certificates confirming the absence of dangerous infections, HIV and the like. However, the child needs to fill out a special application form that is not identical to what adults are filling out.

Children of foreign citizens receiving residence permits in Russia as valuable specialists can also obtain a permanent residence permit as accompanying relatives.

A highly qualified specialist is an employee with unique skills and qualifications. Usually he is invited to work, because to find a similar professional in the country is difficult or impossible. However, in order for a foreigner to be able to draw up documents as a HQS, the employer must offer him a salary of at least 167 thousand rubles per month.

The videoconferencing system has the right to submit documents in a simplified manner, that is, it does not need to first receive a TRP. In this case, a residence permit is issued on the basis of a work permit, and the duration of the document is limited by the duration of this permit. Accordingly, if a specialist has been working in the country for 3 years, then his permit for permanent residence is valid only during this period. The same applies to members of his family.

In the future, if the employer decides to extend the contract with a foreign employee, it will be possible to extend his residence permit. However, this will require a new employment contract and work permit.

If the employment contract is terminated, the residence permit is canceled. Then, after the termination of the contract, the foreigner and his family members, including children, are obliged to leave the country within 60 working days, if within 30 working days the HQS does not find a new employer.

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Residence permit in Russia due to a child
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