New procedure for importing goods to the Russian Federation

Apr, 26 2022

The Eurasian Union on March 17, 2022, by decision No. 35, increased the maximum threshold at which goods purchased in foreign online stores will not be subject to duty.
The procedure comes into force on May 01.
The new rules for the import of goods are temporary and will be in effect until October 01, 2022.

The permissible volume of goods for duty-free import.
If the weight of the goods is less than 31 kilograms and the cost is less than 1,000 euros, then the shipment is not subject to duty. Earlier, the limit was 500 euros and 25 kilograms.
These restrictions will be in effect again from October 01, 2022.

Which goods are not subject to export duty?
Goods for personal consumption are imported free of charge, except for any alcohol-containing products.

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New procedure for importing goods to the Russian Federation
Valentina Khlavich
Managing Partner
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