Mandatory staff positions. Check list

Sep, 19 2018

Companies in Russia are obliged to have certain positions in the staff list.

Labor books

Every company should have a person responsible for maintenance, storage, accounting and issue of labor books.

The company do not need to create a separate position in the staff list for such employee. Generally, the responsibility for maintenance, keeping, enumeration and issue of labor books is imposed on the HR department or accounting department.

Delegating such responsibility on the employee must be executed by the order of GM.

Fire safety

A person responsible for fire safety should also be appointed in the company.

If GM doesn’t appoint such employee, the company is violating the demands of fire safety.

Labor protection

If the number of employees at the company exceeds 50 people, labor protection service should be created, or GM should appoint a labor protection officer with an appropriate education and work experience in this field.

It should be provided a separate full-time staff position with such responsibilities in the company.

According to guidelines given by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs this demand cover both manufacturing ventures and service providers.

The absence of such a service or specialist is a violation of labor protection requirements.

Personal data

If the company processes personal data of individuals, the person responsible for the processing of personal data should be appointed.

We recommend to observe mandatory instructions and provide such positions in the company. The absence of “responsible employees” in the company may result in a fine up to 200 000 Rubles.

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Mandatory staff positions. Check list
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