Amendments into company registration procedure

Mar, 28 2018

Amendments into company registration procedureSoon new law amending company registration procedure enters into force. This process was divided into several phases, despite some amendments are already applicable, the most waited ones will enter into force later. On April 29, 2018:Rules for information exchange with registering authority are specified based on documents filing procedure. Besides filing application directly with registering authority, it is possible to submit documents via multifunctional center or notary, by post or in digital form.Generally «feedback» from registering authority shall be received in the same way as primary application. If the documents have been filed in digital form, decision will be send in the form of digital document.Besides that, it will be necessary to prepare founding document only in one exemplar. Earlier, as a rule new draft of charter or list of amendments in it had to be submitted in two exemplars. On October 1, 2018:A list of grounds for reject in state registration will be expanded. In particular, new ground for denial will be submitting documents containing false information.In case of reject in registration it will be possible to file documents once again without payment of state fee. However, it relates only absence of necessary documents or preparation of documents in wrong form.Besides, we would like to remind, that Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation published draft amendments to RF Tax code aimed on cancellation of state duty for companies’ registration. 

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Amendments into company registration procedure
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