Job offer = problems for employer

Nov, 07 2017

After successful interviews employers send job offers to candidates – offer of a job prepared in writing, which contains basic information about future job. Employer ought to be maximally careful in preparation of this documents, as incorrect formation of job offer may lead to cost-consuming consequences for employer.  Job offer prepared on paper, confirming conditions of employment from the employer’s side, can be regarded nothing else but employment agreement in case of dispute. In this case employer will be obliged to hire the employee, and in certain circumstances pay for forced absence.  Besides, even if job offer will not be regarded as employment agreement, it will be more difficult to justify the reason for employment refusal in presence of this document.  We recommend using job offer as an engagement instrument only considering all possible consequences and prepare it in writing being assured in a decision made.  

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Job offer = problems for employer
Valentina Khlavich
Managing Partner
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