How employer can start using of electronic sick certificate

Sep, 12 2017

Staring from July 1, 2017, sick certificate can be received in electronic form by consent of an employee.  To make such certificate valid for accounting purposes employer should do the following: – receive the enhanced encrypted and certified digital signature; – sign up on the Unified Portal of State and Municipal Services; – conclude an agreement on information interaction with the territorial office of the social insurance fund (the standard form of the agreement should be posted on the official website of the social insurance fund territorial office); – request a certificate of sickness on the Internet-resource in the personal “Cabinet of the insurant” by indicating number of the certificate of sickness and personal pension account number. Digital signature is required to make a request; – fill in the section “To be filled by the employer”, sign the document by digital signature send to the social insurance fund; When this is done the certificate will be properly formalized and employer will be able to pay the employee a sick leave.

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How employer can start using of electronic sick certificate
Valentina Khlavich
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