What to do if the Federal Tax Service has blocked a bank account?

Jul, 19 2017

For any company, the block of bank account operations is extraordinary which makes impossible to carry out activities. The reasons why the tax authorities can “freeze” the account may be very diverse: from late submission of tax reports to non-payment of tax payments. Most often there are situations when a document from the tax authority on the basis of which banking operations are suspended, enters the bank earlier than the company. In order to the resume of financial transactions, the following should be done:- contact the bank and find out the details of the document received from the tax authority.- address in tax department and to establish the reason of blocking the account.- to eliminate the reason for blocking: pay tax payments or provide tax returns that are not submitted on time.- inform the tax authority on the elimination of the identified shortcomings. It will be better if copies of payment and other documents confirming the fulfillment of obligations by the company are attached to the notification.

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What to do if the Federal Tax Service has blocked a bank account?
Valentina Khlavich
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