Record on unreliable information in Unified state register for legal entities, how to prevent liquidation?

Sep, 19 2017

Record on unreliable information may become a reason for excluding company from the unified state register for legal entities. This record can relate to information about company location, general manager, founders. 


Tax authorities put such record in following cases: 

  • due to results of the checkup;
  • due to application of person, which data is included in the register. 


In case of detection of unreliable information tax authorities send to company, its director and founders correspondent notification. Within 30 days company is obliged to present documents, confirming reliability of information in register. 


If company will not provide such document, tax authorities will put a record on unreliability of information. 


If register already contains record of unreliability then company needs to file application to tax authorities on registration of reliable information. 


Besides, decision of tax inspection may be put in issue. 


We also would like to remind you, that since September 01, 2017 company may be liquidated by tax authorities if record of unreliability of information is kept in register for more than 6 months.