Apr, 28 2017

Using of commercial secret regime for protecting commercial data is always connected with the risk of disclosure. The grounds for it may be carelessness of employee, who has lost usb stick with data, as well as intentional misuse of right to access protected data.

What are most frequent situations of data leak and how to prevent them?

1. Disclosure of confidential data per e-mail
Risk: it is common situation, when employees are using not only business, but also personal e-mail. If personal e-mail will be hacked, information from it may be disclosed for public.
Solution: Prohibit use of personal e-mail for business purposes. Moreover, employer can charge security service with control of content of employees’ communications.

2. Disclosure of confidential data per Internet
Risk: employees are using social networks, or other similar resources, which may lead to disclosure of information in Internet.
Solution: limit access of employee to social networks from work computers, or forbid using them during the working day.

3. Disclosure of confidential data with usb storage devices
Risk: If employees use usb sticks, it is difficult for employer to control further movement of this devices.
Solution: Prohibit use of personal usb storage devices for business purposes. Moreover, employer may prohibit taking out of the office usb sticks or similar devices, without prior consent of the security service or director.

It is required to fix above mentioned measures in regulations on confidential information, and familiarize with it all employees in writing.