Apr, 28 2017

Labor Code of the Russian Federation (LC RF) has no provisions on “polite attitude” and does not provide this duty for the employee. However, the company still have a way to legitimately affect on employee who is rude with clients, other employees or company management.According to Art. 192 of the LC RF, commitment of disciplinary offense, i.e. improper performance on non performance of employment duties, grants employer the right to enforce following penalties: admonition, reprimand, or dismissal on appropriate grounds. Thus, in order to fulfill the right to apply for such measures, it is necessary to fix “polite attitude” among other duties of the employee.How to do so? 3 steps for the employer:1. Include an obligation to be polite with customers and colleagues in the company’s bylawsPrescribe such duty in the Internal working regulations of the company.2. Familiarize employee with the these bylaws via signatureInclusion of the “polite attitude” into company’s bylaws is not enough. It is also necessary to familiarize all employees with these documents. Familiarization shall be confirmed by signatures of all employees.3. Update employment agreements with the provision of “polite attitude”.In addition, “polite attitude” shall be prescribed directly in the employment agreement, or in additional agreement.After this, the requirement of polite attitude will become an actual employment duty for the employee. Since that moment rudeness shall be equal to violation of labor discipline. Therefore, the employer has the right to take measures provided by the LC RF.

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