Entry of foreign citizens to Russia in 2022.

May, 25 2022

Due to the coronavirus, there are restrictions on entry to Russia for foreigners. There is a list of countries whose citizens are allowed to enter Russia for tourist purposes. In this case, entry is allowed by air transport.

To enter Russia, a negative PCR test in Russian or English will be required, made no more than 48 hours before the moment of entry. You will also need to fill out a special questionnaire and have health insurance.

If the country whose citizens are allowed to enter Russia is not on the list, then you can come to Russia only if there are special reasons, which include: the death of a close relative, a trip to family members in need of care due to illness, entry to family members of citizens of the Russian Federation or holders of a residence permit in Russia, work permit as a highly qualified specialist.

Family members by law include parents, children, spouses, siblings, grandfathers, grandmothers, grandchildren. In such a situation, in order to freely enter Russia, a foreign citizen must have documents confirming kinship.

Currently, there is no requirement for foreign citizens to undergo quarantine for 14 days.

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Entry of foreign citizens to Russia in 2022.
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