Change in the procedure for entry of foreign citizens to Russia from December 29

Jan, 13 2022

A law has come into force, according to which foreigners are required to undergo fingerprint registration, photographing and medical examination when entering Russia.

In order to legally stay on the territory of the Russian Federation, foreigners after December 29, 2021 are required to obtain a document confirming the passage of these procedures. This document is issued by the internal affairs bodies in the form of a blank card with a photo and data of the owner.

The procedure of fingerprinting, photographing and medical examination is not subject to state duty. You will need to take fingerprints and take photographs once, and a medical examination will be required every time you re-enter Russia.

Foreign citizens who have arrived in Russia for the purpose of carrying out work must undergo these procedures within 30 days from the date of entry. The procedure adopted by the law will be used in the case of a patent or work permit.

Within 30 days, a foreigner must undergo a medical examination confirming the absence of HIV infection, infectious diseases that pose a danger to others, as well as drug addiction.

In case of non-fulfillment of these obligations, the period of stay of a foreigner in Russia may be shortened.

Fingerprinting, photographing, medical examination procedures should not be performed by children under the age of 6, citizens of Belarus, diplomats, employees of embassies, consulates and their family members.

Amendments to the law will improve sanitary and epidemiological safety, and the availability of a fingerprint database will increase the detection of crimes committed.

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Change in the procedure for entry of foreign citizens to Russia from December 29
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