Changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation from December 1.

Dec, 08 2021

Tax and insurance contributions

It is necessary to pay transport, land tax and property tax of individuals. In case of non-payment by December 1, a penalty fee will be charged. 

Updated insurance form

In December, an order comes into force, according to which a new form of social insurance submission will be applied from the 1st quarter of 2022.

New form of tax refund request to the budget

Lines about tax monitoring will be added to the form. These amendments are related to the introduction of innovations in the Tax Code in terms of tax monitoring, which can serve as a basis for sending a taxpayer a request to return to the budget the amounts of tax (interest) excessively received by the taxpayer (credited to him).

Labor relations

The vacation schedule for 2022 is approved

According to the Labor Code, the vacation schedule must be approved no later than 2 weeks before the start of the new calendar year.

Additional day off on December 31

The government has decided to postpone the weekend. The New Year holidays will be from December 31 to January 9 inclusive.

Labor migrants will be required to undergo fingerprinting and medical examination

Foreigners arriving in Russia for work are required to undergo fingerprint registration, photographing, as well as medical examination for the use of drugs, psychotropic substances, for the presence or absence of infectious diseases, HIV infection.

Medical insurance policies of foreign employees will be issued electronically

The requirements on the procedure for voluntary medical insurance of foreign persons engaged in labor activity in Russia have been changed. It is possible to issue a medical insurance policy in electronic form.

Telecom operators will cease to provide services to subscribers with corporate SIM cards, information about which is not included in the ESIA

Companies that are subscribers of mobile communications are required to indicate data about users and their numbers in the ESIA. In case of non-entry of data, telecom operators will cease to provide services to subscribers starting from December 1.

The rules for the exchange of electronic documents will be changed

A global address directory is being introduced, indicating information about operators and participants in interdepartmental electronic document management.

A register of orders on the cancellation of powers of attorney will appear in the information register of the notary

The principal will be able to cancel the power of attorney by sending an electronic order signed with a reinforced qualified digital signature.

This register will be maintained by the Federal Notary Chamber. The information in the registry will be freely available.

Russia will resume air communication with a number of countries

From December, Russia will resume air communication with Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Vietnam, Italy, Costa Rica – there will be 2 flights per week to these countries, from 1 to 3 flights per week to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia. Restrictions on flights to Qatar, Mexico, Cuba will be lifted, and the number of flights to Azerbaijan will also increase. From December 12, it is planned to resume railway communication with Finland.

The end of the second stage of the preferential business lending program

The program began on November 1, 2021, the main condition was to keep the loan rate at 3% and to keep the number of employees at least 90%.

The deadline for submitting applications for a grant expires

This applies to subsidies for non-working days for companies from the industries most affected by the coronavirus.

New sanctions for violation of the rules of turnover of marked goods

Fines are imposed for legal entities from 50 to 100 thousand rubles for the production of goods and products without labeling or violation of the labeling procedure.

Expert auditors will be involved for mandatory certification

The expert auditor will perform work on mandatory certification and sign a certificate of conformity with mandatory compliance with the requirements of legislation on technical regulation.

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Changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation from December 1.
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