How to check the status of a permanent residence permit in Russia

Jul, 16 2020

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The procedure for obtaining a permanent residence permit takes several months. In this case, before the submission of the application and documents it may be required from the foreigner to first obtain a temporary residence permit. This is not so easy, since most migrants apply for it according to the quota set by the government, and it is a quite small amount. Accordingly, they have to apply multiple times. But even after all the preliminary procedures have been completed and an application for permanent residence permit has been submitted, difficulties may arise, so it is important to monitor the status of a residence permit in Russia. 

Checking is not only necessary to feel calm and confident. Tracking the status of a residence permit in the Russian Federation will allow you not to miss the deadline for appealing the decision of officials if it does not suit you. As the matter of fact, the migration service does not always notify the foreigner in time about the granting or refusal of a permit. This happens even though the law obliges the officials to inform the applicant in a timely manner.

To independently check the status of permanent residence permit in Russia, you can use one of the following methods:

  • personal visit to a migration authority or diplomatic institution;
  • submitting a written request to the direction on migration affairs;
  • phone call to the local Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • check online via the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Personal visit

To get a personal appointment with the migration authority, you need to contact the authorized inspector during the specially designated hours. Even though for some applicants this method of checking the permanent residence permit of the Russian Federation is inconvenient, it is the most reliable one. After all, only when you apply directly, you can reliably find out whether the decision is taken, and at the same time understand whether you have received a permanent residence permit or not. In addition, this way you can immediately respond to the official decision if you are not satisfied with appealing the refusal.

Written request

You can also check your residence permit in Russia through a written request to the migration office. In the application you need to specify the date of receipt of documents and ask for the results of its consideration. Written requests are subject to mandatory review within 30 days of their registration. You cannot fail to get the respond to the request, but, as you can see, this format of communication with the official authorities makes you wait too long. You cannot expect to get a response within a few days.

Phone call

Before calling the appropriate migration office, you also need to specify the date of receipt of documents. Without this, the officials will not be able to give you an answer. In this way, you need to be prepared for a long wait for a response to find out whether your permanent residence permit is ready. But its main disadvantage is that officials can refuse to provide personal data. You cannot prove over the phone that you are the person whose application is under consideration.

On the official website

Official information about the status of a permanent residence permit in Internet can only be obtained on the website of the Head Office for Migration. To find out the application status, go to the гувм.мвд.рф/services/residence website, specify the region where the application was submitted, your date of birth and the number of the document provided for registration of permanent residence permit. After entering the code from the image, the site will process the request, and the results will be displayed on the screen.

The advantage of this method is 24-hours availability and high speed. Disadvantage – you will only see whether a decision has been taken or not. To find out whether you are issued a permanent residence permit you will have to contact the migration office directly. 

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How to check the status of a permanent residence permit in Russia
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