How long does residence permit in Russia last

Jan, 17 2024

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So that a foreigner has an opportunity to live in Russia for several years in a row, work freely and do business, it is necessary to receive a residence permit. In addition to the fact that it officially confirms the right on permanent residence, this document gives the foreign citizen the same advantages as to most of Russians. Except perhaps the right to participate in elections. But how long does a residence permit in Russia last?

To answer this question briefly – since November 2019, the validity of a residence permit in the Russian Federation is unlimited. Most foreigners receive an unlimited document, but there is an important exception to this rule: highly qualified specialists and their families invited to work in the country. They do not need to pre-register papers for temporary residence, but the validity period of a residence permit in Russia for them is limited by the duration of a work permit.

Features of permanent residence permit in Russia 

In most cases, a foreigner must first receive a TRP, which confirms the right on temporary residence. Having lived with this document in the country for at least 8 months, you can apply for a residence permit. TRPs are received with or without a quota, and the government annually allocates not so large quota. Therefore, most of foreigners have to apply for a quota several times. Certain categories of foreign citizens can do without a quota, for example, minors, whose parents draw up documents for living in the country.

But some foreigners do not have to apply for a temporary residence permit. They can immediately apply for a residence permit in Russia, the validity of which is unlimited. Such privileges have:

  • highly qualified specialists who came by invitation to work, as well as members of their families;
  • foreigners born in the Russian SFSR who had in the past a Soviet citizenship;
  • foreign citizens who have close relatives who are citizens of the Russian Federation and permanently reside in the country, etc.

Until 2019, the validity period of a residence permit in Russia was limited to 5 years. After that, it had to be renewed. However, the migration legislation changed, on November 1, 2019 the amendments entered into force, and now foreigners may receive unlimited or permanent residence permit in Russia. This document has to be changed only in exceptional cases, for example, when your personal data changes.

However, there is an important condition that many foreigners lose sight of and, as a result, run the risk of canceling the permit. The fact is that holders of a residence permit are required to notify the Ministry of Internal Affairs that they still live in the country. Such confirmation is sent to the authorities annually. This can be done online, but note that every 5 years the law requires you to submit this notice in person. If, within 2 years, the foreigner does not contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs, his documents are canceled.

After cancellation, he must leave the country within 2 weeks. The decision of the authorities can be tried to challenge, but this will have to be done in court. However, they can deprive a residence permit on other grounds, for example, for violation of laws, actions directed against the government, and so on.

When should permanent residence permit in Russia be replaced

  1. Upon reaching the age of 14, 20 and 45 years.
  2. When changing surname, name, information about the date or place of birth, citizenship and other personal information.
  3. After gender’s change.
  4. In case of unsuitability of the document due to its wear, damage, loss of neat appearance.
  5. After identifying inaccuracies and errors in the document.

How to replace documents? It is necessary to apply to the authorities, and the law stipulates a period: no later than a month after one of the above circumstances arises. This should also happen no later than 10 days after receipt of an identity document if it was necessary to change it.

What are the conditions for obtaining documents?

Regardless of how long residence permit is valid in Russia, whether you receive it under general or simplified conditions, it is necessary to prepare set of documents and submit it together with the application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Since most foreigners draw up documents in the usual way, they first need a temporary residence permit. And papers in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in such a situation must be submitted no later than a year before the end of the TRP. This requirement is due to the fact that the procedure for obtaining a permanent residence permit may be delayed for six months.

If in case of temporary residence, the government sets quotas annually, the residence permit does not provide for such a thing. Therefore, you do not have to pre-issue a quota, it is enough to prepare papers, application and submit them to the Ministry of Internal Affairs at the place of residence.

Temporary residence permit is valid only in the region where you received it. Therefore, you cannot choose an arbitrary region and department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for submitting the documents. But if everything goes well and you are approved by a residence permit, this new document will be valid throughout the country, and you will not have to deal with such restrictions.

Obtaining residence permit is a long and painstaking process. After receiving TRP, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Take an exam in the Russian language and get a certificate of knowledge of the language. The exception is only the citizens of Belarus – they do not need these papers, as well as pensioners, children and highly qualified specialists.
  • Fill out an application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and attach documents to it.
  • Submit to the authorities a temporary residence permit or grounds for paperwork under the simplified procedure.
  • Get a certificate confirming that you do not suffer from dangerous infections, and drug addiction.
  • Make a bank statement or a statement from the employer, which will prove that you can provide yourself without government assistance. In other words: confirm your income.
  • If foreigner has lived in the country for more than 3 years, confirmation will also be required that he has personal, rented or other housing.
  • Provide a certificate of criminal record in the country of citizenship (for “visa” foreigners).
  • Pay state duty – it costs 5 thousand rubles.

Instead of a certificate in Russian, a foreigner can submit other documents. For example, authorities will accept secondary education documents issued in the USSR or Russia after 1991.

In 2019 another important change in the migration legislation took place: the term for consideration of documents as a general rule was reduced to 4 months. Previously, papers could be considered for six months. Nevertheless, if you are not sure of your actions, before submitting documents it will not hurt to consult with a lawyer who specializes in migration law.

You should be prepared for the fact that the response of officials will be unsatisfactory, and their decision will have to be challenged. It is possible, but the appeal deadlines are limited, so it is advisable to independently check the status of the application. This can be done by phone, online or in person. It is best to personally contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs to find out whether the papers are ready or not. Because you may receive the results only after presenting an identification card, and you will not be able to show it via the Internet or by phone.

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How long does residence permit in Russia last
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