From 1 of August 14-day period of self-isolation is cancelled for those who come to Russia

Aug, 04 2020

Citizens of the Russian Federation who return to Russia on export flights will not be obliged to observe self-isolation for 14 days upon arrival in the country. However, it will be necessary to pass coronavirus test within 3 days of arrival and post the result of it on the website called «Governmental services».

Besides, Russian citizens arriving from abroad will be required to fill in a form on the above-mentioned website. This must be done no later than check-in.

As for foreign citizens, they are required to have medicine certificate of test for COVID-19 with negative result when boarding a plane flying to the territory of the Russian Federation.

Certificate should be issued no earlier than 3 days before arrival in the Russian Federation. It must be written in English or Russian, or in official language of state of the organization that issued certificate. In the latter case, translation of certificate into Russian, certified by a Russian consular official, is required.

14-day period of self-isolation for foreign citizens arriving in the Russian Federation for work is still maintained.

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