Entry and exit from Russia with a residence permit

Jul, 16 2020

Foreigners who have obtained Russian residence permit, are allowed to cross the border. Against myths and fears, Russian law does not impose restrictions on travel, business and study trips or trips related to medical treatment. Similar to Russian citizens, foreigners with residence permit can travel abroad, travel purposes might be different: vacation, visit of relatives, business negotiations.   

What should be considered is that a residence permit can be canceled if a person has been abroad for more than 6 months per calendar year. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

The migration service will have no complaints if you have been abroad for more than six months because you needed emergency treatment, you didn’t have physical ability to return, you performed your duties or were delayed due to the death of a close relative . And yet, upon departure from Russia, a foreign citizen with a residence permit should understand how long he/she will stay abroad.

Required documents: 

The main document for crossing the border is a foreign passport. Please note that if you are traveling to a foreign country, its entry rules may specify the minimum validity of a passport after crossing the border. For example, two months. If your passport expires earlier, you may be denied entry. In addition, a visa and medical insurance may be required.

When leaving the Russian Federation with a residence permit of a foreign citizen, this document is not considered as an identity document. It does not replace the passport and passport, even if you return to your home country. Despite this, it is necessary to take a residence permit with you in order to confirm the right to stay in Russia when entering the Russian Federation with a residence permit.

When foreigners are prohibited from entering Russia with a residence permit:

  • In case of violation of the rules when crossing the state border.
  • In case of non-compliance with customs rules and sanitary standards.
  • After reporting false information about yourself and the purpose of your stay in Russia.

However, additional circumstances may arise, due to which a foreigner will be banned from entering the Russian Federation with a residence permit. This may be a necessity stated by the interests of state security and its defense capability. Also, foreign citizens who have previously been deported from Russia may be denied entry. This also applies to those who were transferred to a foreign state, and those who have already been expelled from the country by law enforcement agencies 

It is especially worth highlighting such a condition as a ban on entry into Russia with a residence permit after making a decision on the undesirability of a foreigner staying in the Russian Federation. Problems with crossing the border will arise for those who have previously used or will try to use false documents.

Departure Rules: 

There are no restrictions on departure, except if the foreigner is wanted or cannot provide an identification card. However, it is useful to know about the grounds on which a foreign citizen may not be allowed to leave the country. There are few of them, and they are all associated with serious misconduct. So, the grounds for refusing exit may be:

  • suspicion of a crime or the involvement of a foreign citizen in the investigation as an accused; 
  • criminal or administrative prosecution; 
  • commission of a crime in the territory of the Russian Federation; 
  • evasion of obligations imposed by the court;
  • non-payment of taxes in the Russian Federation.

In other words, in the absence of problems with the law, border services will not detain a foreigner.

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Entry and exit from Russia with a residence permit
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