Cancellation of a residence permit in Russia

Jul, 16 2020

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Cancellation of a residence permit is a problem that is often faced by foreigners living in Russia. Russian legislation provides for more than ten reasons why a foreign citizen may be deprived of residence permit. And some of them run the risk of being unexpected for unprepared person.

Reasons for cancellation of a residence permit in Russia

One of the reasons that officials can initiate process of cancelling residence permit is inability of a foreigner to prove that he is capable of supporting himself and his family in Russia. Assessing the financial situation of a person, authorities are guided by a living wage. Moreover, unlike citizens of the Russian Federation, a foreigner is required to support himself without state assistance.

This problem can affect not only those who really have low income, but also those migrants whose incomes are “shadow”. But even with a high level of human well-being, they can be deprived of a residence permit in Russia.

The second common reason why many foreigners lose their right on residence permit is leaving the Russian Federation for more than 6 months during one year. Please note that it is not necessary to leave the country for six months without a break, it is enough to spend a total of 6 months or more outside Russia. However, there are exceptions to this rule. A migrant cannot have problems if he was outside the Russian Federation on the following grounds:

  • emergency treatment abroad;
  • inability to leave another state due to a serious illness;
  • death of close relatives in another country;
  • long business trips;
  • residence permit was issued to a highly qualified specialist.

Thus, a foreigner cannot be deprived of residence permit in the Russian Federation if he broke his leg in a foreign resort and was physically unable to return. Residence permit will also not be cancelled if you organized a funeral and entered into inheritance rights after the death of relatives.

These two reasons more often than others become ground of cancellation of a residence permit. However, there are other possible factors. Among them are worth mentioning:

  • Invalidation of your marriage with a citizen of the Russian Federation. But only on condition that you have obtained a residence permit on the basis of this marriage.
  • Accusation of forgery of documents, submission of false information, fake papers.
  • Violation of the rules of residence, including the lack of evidence of residence in the Russian Federation for two years after receiving permit.
  • Deportation from Russia during five years preceded the application.
  • Participation in terrorist attacks or financing extremist activities.
  • Creating a threat to state security, advocating forcibly changing the foundations of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation.
  • Criminal prosecution. True, this applies only to grave crimes, as well as violations of all articles related to narcotic substances.

More information can be examined in the text of the federal law “On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation”.

Cancellation Procedure

Before Ministry of Internal Affairs can cancel foreigner’s residence permit in Russia, one of the possible reasons should be identified and confirmed by the migration service. Moreover, the migrant must be personally informed about it under signature within 3 days.

After a person loses a residence permit in Russia, he must leave Russia within 15 days. What will happen if he does not? Authorities will deport him.

The cancellation of a residence permit, like any decision of a state authority, can be appealed in two ways: through a court and a higher authority. But the Law on the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens does not provide for the possibility of pre-trial appeal. Therefore, you have to apply to court.

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Cancellation of a residence permit in Russia
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