Which laws come into force in March.

Mar, 02 2022

Labor safety.

The sphere of labor protection regulates in detail what should reduce industrial injuries. The Labor Code establishes definitions of safe working conditions, danger, and occupational risk, and introduces the basic principles of safety. The rights and obligations of the employer and employee in the field of labor protection are determined. The powers of the government, federal and regional bodies in the field of labor protection have been established. For example, in the field of state expertise of working conditions.

The employer has the right to require the employee to comply with labor protection requirements and assess their compliance. The Company will have the right to suspend those who do not use personal protective equipment in accordance with the established procedure.

The requirements for the procedure for the development and content of rules and instructions on labor protection come into force. The employer is entitled to introduce additional requirements, if they do not contradict the legislative requirements. A list of measures to prevent accidents in the territory that is under the control of another employer (construction contract) has been introduced.  

Personal funds.

The funds will be divided into socially useful and personal. Personal funds will be a kind of hereditary. The Personal Fund is defined in the law as a unitary non-profit organization that manages property transferred or inherited from a person.

The Fund can be created for a certain period or indefinitely. This can be done by a person during his lifetime or by a notary under a will. The will may indicate that after the death of the foundation will continue to work and cannot be liquidated by the decision of its bodies.

The funds will be able to carry out business activities within the framework of the statutory goals and establish subsidiaries for this purpose. Everything that will be transferred to the personal fund will be separated by property. The founder will not be entitled to the assets of the fund.

Companies are allowed to collect biometric data.

From March 1, companies will be able to collect biometric data of employees for identification and authentication: taxi drivers, drivers of car-sharing cars, when entering the territory of organizations, when participating in a meeting of participants of the civil-right community.

The data processing procedure determines that they will be used for up to 5 years. Banks and companies are prohibited from using their own databases for these purposes.

The collection of the specified data is optional and possible only with the consent of the user. In the future, it is planned to expand the possibilities of collecting biometric data.

News for lawyers.

The examination for the status of a lawyer will be conducted by an automated system. The requirements will be set by the Council of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers. At the moment, the qualification commission conducts testing and decides whether the applicant will be admitted to an oral interview. Automatic verification will ensure a uniform approach.

Cottage settlements were reflected in the law.

Low-rise residential complexes are individual residential buildings that are built according to the project declaration and according to the approved layout of the territory. These complexes will be subject to the provisions of the law “On Shared Construction”.

The law stipulates what information should be provided by the developer of a low-rise complex, as well as what conditions will necessarily need to be included in the shared-equity construction contract. For example, a list of objects that will be part of the common property, as well as the completion date of their construction.

These norms will help resolve legal disputes that arise among residents of cottage settlements. Usually developers transfer ownership of residential buildings, and public facilities remain on the developer’s balance sheet.

A new fine in the administrative Code.

Driving a car without a diagnostic card will be fined 2000 rubles. A diagnostic card will be required for cars that are used for business or business purposes.

Farmers will be able to build houses on agricultural land.

Peasant farms will be able to build residential buildings on agricultural land with an area of no more than 500 sq. m. and no higher than three floors, while the building area should not exceed 0.25% of the total land area. Thus, change the type of permitted use of land.

The developer will have to carry out agricultural activities, and it is possible to dispose of the house only as part of a common complex.

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Which laws come into force in March.
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