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Apr, 01 2020

During this difficult period, we direct our efforts on getting tax breaks for your business, loans deferrals and reducing costs thanks to which you will maintain your market status.

Our team has a financial outsourcing department, which will help to overcome today’s crisis remotely, without a full-time accountant. This will help you to significantly reduce salary costs and taxes.

The Valen outsourcing team always works regardless of the circumstances and will be glad to help:

• Negotiate with banks repayment holidays for your business.

Valen’s specialists will consult you on all the necessary documents in order to submit a request to the bank and help you get a deferred loan repayment, review the terms of the contract with the bank or apply for a new loan.

Use tax holidays

Our experts will arrange the deferrals in a right way so that after quarantine the Federal Tax Service does not use your unawareness to their advantage. We will do this for you to avoid tax inspection after quarantine.

Reduce employee costs

We will help to send employees to a forced downtime and reduce costs by 1/3, arrange for dismissal or unpaid leave in accordance with the law to avoid labor inspection.
Take into account all possible concessions from the state in your industry and region.

We are closely monitoring the situation and are among the first to know about new developments in each region of Russia. Our team knows what force majeure circumstances and how to use them to reduce costs in your particular case.

The Valen team will fix a problematic accounting and will conduct your accounting and personnel records remotely:
recovery of accounting.

If you have not kept a full record of the last month, we will recover it: we will find and correct all errors with minimal risks for the company.

maintaining your bookkeeping (function Chief Accountant)

The first month – at half price. We have extensive experience working with clients remotely, so there will be no problems with transition.

providing electronic signatures for remote work with government agencies
You can remotely sign any documents, request reconciliation using e-signature. It will not be necessary to transfer signed originals by courier that reduces your costs.

Leave us a request and our specialists will contact you and help with accounting and personnel during the crisis and after.

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VALEN – finance outsourcing
Valentina Khlavich
Managing Partner
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