The working schedule of Moscow state authorities on high alert regime

Apr, 15 2020

On April 2, the Russian President has decided to extend non-working days till April 30 inclusive.

In this regard, citizens required any public services have faced a problem of contacting state authorities.

Please find below the relevant background information for your convenience:

• Courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts

Submission of claims is possible online and by mail.

Trials will be held after April 30 apart from the urgent cases as well as simplified and orderly proceedings.

•          Tax authorities

The Russian Federal Tax Service suspends the reception and servicing of taxpayers until April 30 inclusively at tax inspectorates and their divisions.

Nevertheless, electronic submission of documents is possible, including for state registration of legal entities.

• The Moscow Migration Office

Starting April 9, 2020, Sakharovo Migration Center will operate from 8: 00-18: 00.

The Office continues to accept documents for the issuance, extension and correction of work permits and patents in respect of foreign employees who are currently in Russia. They also accept notifications on the fulfillment of obligations for the payment of HQS wages.

Reception of documents for an invitation to a visa is suspended until April 30.

• Notary offices

Notarial assistance in Moscow will be provided by notary offices on duty in compliance with all necessary preventive measures.

A list of duty notary offices can be found at:

• Post offices

You can use the postal service twenty-four seven by contacting the departments at the following addresses:

1. Myasnitskaya street, 26A, bld. 1

2. Uralskaya street, 1

3. Smolenskaya Square, 13/21

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The working schedule of Moscow state authorities on high alert regime
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