New restrictions are being implemented in Moscow due to COVID-19 dissemination

Apr, 13 2020

Due to COVID-19 pandemic dissemination new measures aimed at its preventing are being adopted in Russia.

New restrictions for a period of April 19, 2020 were introduced by the Decree of Major of Moscow dated April 10, 2020:

  • The activities of enterprises with the exception of continuous-cycle enterprises, health care facilities, grocery stores, pharmacies and executive bodies are suspended;
  • The activities of taxi (except from official carriers) as well as carsharing services are suspended;
  • Construction and repair works are suspended.

Introduction of digital pass system

In addition, starting from April 15, 2020 a digital pass system is being introduced in Moscow and Moscow region according to Decree of Major of Moscow dated April 10, 2020:

This regime obliges citizens to have digital passes to move around the city, and the issuing of passes starting from April, 13.

  • A digital pass is issued in electronic form and consists numbers and letters allowing to determine its expiration date, as well as its owner’s identify and the purpose of the trip.
  • The presence of a digital pass is obligatory for any movement on personal and public transport: motorcycle, scooter, car, taxi, metro, MCC, WDC, commuter rail and ground public transport. A pass is not required for movement on foot.
  • Digital passes will vary depending on its category and purpose of the trip:

1. Pass for trips to work will be issued until April 30 and allows making a trip to and from work, as well as official trips such as delivery of goods by couriers;

2. For trips to medical institutions – will be issued for one day and allows a trip to a specific medical institution;

3. For trips to the store, cottage, station, etc.: will be issued for one day and allows making make a trip to the destination and back. This pass can be obtained twice a week.

  • You can obtain a digital pass at the web-site, via sms number 7377 and by phone :+7 (495) 777-77-77;
  • Trips without a digital pass for official purposes can be carried out by military personnel, law enforcement officers, judges and other employees who have state standard certificates. Also, passes are not issued to citizens under 14 years.

VALEN monitors all the legislative amendments in the view of COVID-19 spread.

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