Remote registration of the company. How does the online service simplify the state registration process?

Jan, 20 2024


State registration of a legal entity is the process of establishing a new company by one businessman or a group of entrepreneurs. The standard procedure involves collecting all documents and personally submitting them to government agencies. However, for the convenience of businessmen, the procedure for remote registration of the company was introduced. We can note that recently this format has become popular. 

Business registration: why is it necessary?

The legislation of the Russian Federation assumes several ways of making profit (income) and paying taxes. First, you can find an official job and pay the standard rate of 13% personal income tax. Secondly, you can open your own business and pay taxes in accordance with the selected or established tax regime.  

What are the advantages of opening your own business?

  • Legalization of income. After the opening of an individual entrepreneur or a company, the chances of being involved in illegal business activities fall to zero. All income transferred to the settlement account will not fall under suspicion of illegal money laundering activities. 
  • Ability to work with counterparties. The fact is that companies prefer to refuse a contract with an individual because of the obligation to pay insurance premiums. In addition, a contract between two commercial entities involves more opportunities.   
  • Choosing the most acceptable taxation system. As we noted earlier, individuals have the opportunity to pay income tax in the amount of 13% without the possibility of changing the rate. While the Simplified Taxation System allows you to deduct 6% of the profit received.

Remote business registration: what stages includes

Today, the online space offers a number of resources for remote turnkey business registration without visiting government agencies. To use any of the available Internet resources, it is necessary to collect a complete package of documents for the procedure:

  • Application for registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur. 
  • Notarized copies of all passport pages. 
  • A notarized power of attorney in the name of a representative if the future entrepreneur uses the services of an intermediary when registering a business.
  • Application for the transition to the Simplified Taxation System. In the absence of such, you can apply for a special regime within 30 days.  
  • Receipt of payment of the state fee.

In case of remote opening of a company, you additionally need to prepare:

  • A letter of guarantee on the presence of a legal address or the consent of the owner of the premises to provide such an address in the case of registration of a legal entity
  • The decision of the sole founder or the minutes of the founders’ meeting. 
  • The Articles of association. 
  • Receipt of payment of the state fee. 

In official practice, there are two ways to open a business remotely. 

The first involves only the electronic submission of an application on the form P110011 or P21001. In this case, all other registration documents must be brought personally to the state registration authority – the Federal Tax Service.  

The second option involves registering a business from home. If we talk about working through the services of the Federal Tax Service, then an entrepreneur needs to purchase and install an electronic digital signature (EDS) – an analogue of a manual signature on official documents. Also, the entrepreneur will be required to scan all registration documents and configure special software. The advantage of this method is the absence of the obligation to pay the state fee for registration, which allows you to save up to 5000 rubles. 

Usually, any business is registered fairly quickly – within a few working days. To receive the registration documents of your company in electronic form, it is necessary to specify the email address in the application. If there is a need to issue paper analogues, it is necessary to write a separate application.  

Is it possible to create a business remotely with the involvement of a third-party specialist? 

Remote opening of a company is one of those issues that often come to an experienced lawyer for consultation. There may be several reasons for this decision. 

  1. If the future entrepreneur does not have the opportunity to make his own digital signature. In this case, he will not be able to submit a package of documents through the website of the tax service or the portal of public services. A lawyer with a personal electronic digital signature can become an intermediary between a businessman and state registration authorities and send documents for the client. 
  2. If the future businessman permanently resides in one region, but it is necessary to open a company remotely in another. In this case, the only option to solve such a problem is to find a lawyer with an EDS in the right city. 

VALEN specialists will help solve the problems that have arisen during the remote registration of the company. We offer the following list of services:

  • Extended consultation regarding the opening of an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity. We will analyze your type of activity and select the most profitable form of management. 
  • Assistance in choosing the codes of the Russian Classifier of Types of Economic Activity. 
  • Checking the documents, you have already collected for the presence of factual and legal errors.
  • Sending the collected documents to the tax authorities. 
  • Assistance in collecting and filling out documents, including filling out an application, drafting the charter of the organization and other papers. 
  • Detailed explanations on all issues of interest. 

VALEN’s competent lawyers will assist in registering your business, checking documents and resolving related issues.

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Remote registration of the company. How does the online service simplify the state registration process?
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