Permanent residence permit in Russia has become unlimited

Nov, 19 2019

On November 1, 2019, legislative amendments came into force on the simplification of procedure for granting temporary residence permit (TRP) and a permanent residence permit (PRP) in Russian Federation to certain categories of foreign citizens.

  1. Permanent residence permit has become unlimited

Previously, permanent residence permit was issued to a foreign citizen for five years. Now foreigner residing in Russia is entitled to obtain unlimited permanent residence permit.

Besides, he is obliged to submit a notification every year on the confirmation of his residence in Russian Federation to migration authorities, including in electronic form. At the end of every fifth year, notice is given only in person. If foreigner fails to submit such a notice for two consecutive years, permanent residence permit will be canceled.

  1. Term for issuing TRP has changed

Period for issuing temporary residence permits by migration authorities to a foreign citizen was reduced from 6 to 4 months.

  1. Grounds to obtain TRP and PRP in a simplified manner has been expanded

According to the new changes, TRP can be issued without taking into the quota to foreign citizen under the age of eighteen and whose parent is a foreign citizen temporarily residing in Russian Federation.

Moreover, list of persons entitled to obtain permanent residence permit without obtaining TRP has changed. Such persons include:

• foreign citizens who were born on territory of Russia in times of Soviet Union, • foreign highly qualified specialists and members of his family. Permanent residence permit for them will be issued for duration of the work permit.

  1. Grounds for refusal to issue or cancelation of TRP were changed

Previously, such a ground was stay of foreign citizen outside of Russian Federation continuously for more than six months. Now, such a ground is foreigner’s absence of more than six months during the calendar year in total.

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Permanent residence permit in Russia has become unlimited
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