Changes in tax sphere

Oct, 16 2019

Ministry of Finance proposes following amendments to Russian tax legislation:

Criteria for recognizing citizens as tax residents will change. Now in Russia it is necessary to spend less than 183 days a year in order not to be considered as Russian tax resident and not to pay taxes.

According to the new draft law, this period is proposed to be reduced to 90 days. So, person will become Russian tax resident after three months in the country. Moreover, he can be recognized as a resident while staying in Russia for less than 90 days if he has real estate, economic and personal ties in Russia.

It is also planned to equalize personal income tax rate for tax residents and non-residents at the level of 13%. Now this tax rate for non-residents amounts 30%.

Moreover, it is planned to allow self-employed persons to transfer contributions to Pension Fund via mobile app “My Tax”. In addition, Ministry of Finance proposes to allow usage of a new tax regime for self-employed citizens of all former Soviet Union countries.

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Changes in tax sphere
Valentina Khlavich
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