Legal support of investment projects. When and why is this necessary?

Jan, 14 2024


Investments are cash, securities, real estate and rights to other property that are acquired to make a profit, preserve assets or other benefits of the investor. Accordingly, the process of acquiring assets can be called an investment activity. 

As a rule, the acquisition of assets is a complex process, where it is necessary to identify all possible risks before buying. That is why we advise you to get qualified legal support for investment projects. 

Support of new and existing investment projects 

Each owner of the company is trying to find a profitable financial investment that will bring him profit. For this purpose, new investment projects are being created, the purpose of which is to get much more income than the amount of investments. There are several directions in this area: 

  • use of forestry in the northern regions; 
  • development of fishing in central Russia and other districts; 
  • investments in the field of IT technologies and the creation of startups in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major cities. 

If for the first two legal support of investment projects is important from the point of view of compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, then consultations for the IT sphere involve the search for grounds for applying tax benefits and other preferences. 

For those who have already found an idea for investing and provided their project with financing, it is also important to turn to the legal support of investment projects. Legal assistance may be needed at any stage of implementation. 

Services to foreign investors in Russia 

VALEN’s lawyers provide the following services for foreign investors working in the country:

  • search for the most financially attractive region of the Russian Federation for investment;
  • assessment of the local business climate and consideration of regional peculiarities;
  • study of municipal legislation;
  • preparation of a package of documents for the registration of a new business;
  • support in negotiations with representatives of state bodies. 

Foreign investors should keep in mind that federal and municipal laws apply in Russia. The latter most often specify the provisions of federal regulations, but in some areas there are serious differences. For example, this applies to the time of sale of alcoholic beverages at retail or regulations for carrying out noisy work. Taking into account all the features is directly related to the success of the investment project. 

For the most part, domestic entrepreneurs are trying to expand their business in the CIS countries. Before entering the markets of other countries, we advise you to take into account regional peculiarities, as well as follow the basic principles of investment activity:

  • develop a strategy at the initial stage of an investment project and take into account the possibility of leaving with minimal financial losses in the event of unforeseen circumstances; 
  • develop a procedure for the development of new sales markets; 
  • identify all risks at an early stage; 
  • register a new business and develop a structure for tax optimization. 

In some provisions of the legislation of Russia and the CIS countries differ, despite the common historical basis. Legal support services for investment projects involve the study of regional laws, judicial practice, tax accounting. 

Legal assistance in the support of investment projects is important in the context of drawing up a successful strategy for your business. The range of services to achieve this goal involves conducting a legal examination of local legislation, as well as obtaining the necessary corporate documentation for opening a new company. VALEN lawyers have extensive experience in legal support of international investment projects. We will be happy to accompany your new or existing investment project.

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Legal support of investment projects. When and why is this necessary?
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