How much does it cost to open a company in Russia?

Jan, 10 2024


The cost of opening a company in Russia can vary significantly depending on various factors, such as the organizational and legal form, the choice of the region, the services of legal consultants, and so on. In this article, we will take a detailed look at what the cost of opening an LLC depends on.

How much does it cost to register a company in Russia?  

The cost of registration fees includes payment of the state fee for registration of a legal entity and/or notary and other expenses. Usually, this amount is several thousand rubles.

Filing documents for the opening of an LLC is the first thing the owner of the future company spends money on.

The amount of expenses will depend on the method of submission of documents:

1. Personal submission.

Here the amount of the state duty is 4,000 rubles. If there is more than one founder, then the amount is divided by all in equal shares.

2. Electronic submission.

If the documents are submitted electronically, then you cannot pay the fee. It is important that such a package is certified by an EDS. Its cost is from 2,000 rubles. But every founder needs it.

3. Submission through a notary.

In this case, the founders will not need personal EDS – the documents for registration of the LLC are sent by a notary. However, it is necessary to pay for his services – from 4000 rubles, depending on the region.  

In addition to filing costs, there may be costs for preparing a package of documents. This is the application P11001, the charter, the decision or protocol on the establishment, as well as documents to the legal address. Independent training will help you save on legal services.

If you decide to seek help from legal consultants or agencies, they will provide you with a full package of services for registration, preparation of documents and support of the process.

The cost of legal services may vary depending on the complexity of your situation and the chosen agency. It can cost from 700 rubles (only preparation of documents) to 5 000 — 7 000 rubles. With a more expensive tariff, you will additionally be offered advice on choosing the optimal tax regime, support to the tax inspectorate, filing documents by proxy and other options.

As a result, all registration costs when opening an LLC should not exceed 10 000 — 15 000 rubles. The lowest cost is the amount of the fee, namely 4,000 rubles.

To register an LLC, a legal address is required, which is indicated in the application for registration of an LLC and subsequently in the unified state Register of legal entities (USRLE).

If you do not have your own office or address, you can use the services of renting an office or a legal address. The cost of this service will depend on the region and location.

When registering an LLC, the tax authorities will check the legal address for two criteria — mass character and reliability of the location. Mass addresses are addresses where 10 or more companies have already been registered. If it is reliable, it is important for the inspector to confirm that the owner of the premises who issued the letter of guarantee has agreed to register the company at the specified address.

The company can be in a rented office and residential premises where the director is registered. Thus, the costs will be different:

  • Free of charge if the company is located at the place of registration of the head.
  • From several tens of thousands to millions of rubles if an office or an entire building is rented.

Authorized capital

For an LLC in Russia, the authorized capital must be at least 10,000 rubles. This is the money that the founder contributes to the company, and which can be used to finance activities. An exception is introduced for some types of businesses – banks, insurance companies, alcohol producers. They must contribute several million rubles to the authorized capital.

The founders must deposit the authorized capital to its settlement account within 4 months after the registration of the company. Each founder pays his part of the authorized capital in accordance with the declared share.

In addition to cash, property and other assets can be considered in favor of the authorized capital, which is subject to evaluation by an independent appraiser. Accordingly, the final size of the authorized capital directly affects how much it costs to open an LLC in certain situations.

Payment account

Each company needs a bank account. You can do this in any financial institution.

Even though opening an account is free, there may also be costs, since each bank sets its own fees for account maintenance (about 1000 rubles per month).

Production of the organization’s seal and EDS

Since 2015, the company’s circular seal has ceased to be mandatory. This means that each company independently decides on its availability. If it is needed, then it must be prescribed in the charter.

Making simple stamps without protection costs no more than 500 rubles. However, it is not too reliable, as it is easy to fake.

An electronic digital signature is the optimal analogue for companies. EDS is necessary for the production and signature of electronic documents by the head. This is especially true for submitting electronic reports or participating in public procurement. Depending on the region, the electronic media, the software and the certificate of the signature key, the production of the seal will cost from 2000 rubles.

Installing the cash register

Today, many types of businesses must work with a cash register. This applies to all service organizations – stores, databases, and other forms. Cash receipts are needed not only when paying in cash or by card, but also when receiving online payments and even if an individual pays for your goods or services directly to the settlement account of the LLC.

The simplest models of cash register equipment will cost 15,000-20,000 rubles. Online sales register will cost more – at least 25,000 rubles. The latter devices require an additional fee for the services of fiscal data operators and Internet access.

License for certain activities

Many particularly profitable activities – the production and sale of alcoholic or tobacco products, lotteries, and others – require a special license. At the same time, companies may not work in all licensed areas.

When applying for a license, you need to pay a state fee, the minimum amount of which is 7,500 rubles. A license for the retail sale of alcohol costs more — 65,000 rubles for each year of validity. All amounts of license fees can be found in Article 333.33 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

Other expenses

These include the costs of translation of documents, notarization, and other small costs.


The cost of opening a company will vary depending on the type of activity or region of work. We can say that the cheapest option will cost about 30,000 rubles (expenses for state duty, authorized capital, printing, etc.).

If a company needs to rent an office and purchase a license, the cost can range from several hundred thousand to a million rubles.

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How much does it cost to open a company in Russia?
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