How can a citizen of Belarus open an LLC in Russia

Jan, 04 2024


Cooperation between Russia and Belarus is a long–term partnership that has allowed us to create an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation. According to it, citizens of Belarus often choose Russia for creating business. Russia’s cultural ties and economic advantages over other countries also contribute to this. The common state border also plays an important role. Any foreign citizen and, in particular, citizens of Belarus, must understand the rules of registration of a limited liability company (LLC) if they want to open a company in Russia.

In this article, we will take a detailed look at the procedure for registering an LLC as a citizen of Belarus.

Features of opening a company in the Russian Federation

In Russia, the founder of a Limited Liability Company can be an individual or a legal entity with any citizenship. There is a common procedure for registering companies in the country, and the process of opening an LLC by a foreign person is very similar to the procedure of opening a company by Russian citizens. It is necessary to prepare a set of documents and apply with it to the tax service at the place of registration of the legal address.

What type of documents are required to open an LLC of Belarussian citizen

The package of documents for registration depends on the number of its founders. If the founder of the organization is a legal entity registered in Belarus or in any other country, then at least 2 founders of this legal entity must be included, and the authorized capital must be at least 10 thousand rubles.

The first step that needs to be done is to prepare the documents. They must be drafted before the LLC registration process.  The list of required documents includes:

  • Decision or protocol of the establishment of an LLC. The document records the intention of the founder or several founders to create an LLC.
  • Charter of LLC. It contains the name of the company, its location, business objectives and management procedure.
  • Passport of a citizen of Belarus. A copy of the first page of the passport with notarization.
  • Documents to the legal address of the company. It is impossible to open an LLC in the Russian Federation without an address. This can be either a physical object, for example, a rented room in an office center, or a virtual legal address that organizations specializing in this will help create. The company is attached to the tax service at its legal address.
  • Power of attorney for filing. It is provided if the founder cannot come in person.

The full package of documents must be obtained from the local authorities and put together. Then it applies for registration. Papers are submitted by all participants and founders, regardless of citizenship.

What is important to know about registration with the Federal Tax Service?

It is needed to submit documents to the tax service online or in person. In the second case, it is required to pay a state fee of 4000 rubles and attach a payment receipt to the registration package. In process it is also important to have an Electronic digital signature (EDS) of the founder. It is possible to submit by proxy if the founder cannot come in person. In this case, authorized person will take care of obtaining all permits and collecting documents.

Obtaining a certificate of registration in the tax system of Russia takes three working days. It can be as an electronic document or on paper. Then it is possible to open a corporate bank account of LLC – ruble or foreign currency.

It is important to keep in mind that many organizations (depending on the type of detail) must obtain permits or licenses.

Company management

However, both the founder himself – a citizen of Belarus, and the hired person can act as the head of the company. To become the CEO of a company, person must have a residence permit in Russia or citizenship. Without one of these documents, a citizen of Belarus will not be able to be CEO. The contract is concluded immediately after the LLC is registered with the tax service.

Opening a business in Russia can become energy-consuming for a citizen of Belarus. Legal and administrative difficulties, accounting and tax issues, restrictions and sanctions in force on the territory of the country significantly complicate the establishment of a company. Registration of an LLC requires compliance with certain procedures and the provision of necessary documents. It is important to be well prepared and have good knowledge of Russian legislation in advance.

The rules can constantly change, so it is important to always be aware of up-to-date information. It is very important to contact professional lawyers and consultants specializing in the registration of companies and LLC to avoid any potential problems.

If you have difficulties in the process of registering your company in Russia, contact the VALEN consulting company. We will help you solve all issues quickly and efficiently.

Question and answer

Which companies can’t Belarusian citizens open in Russia?

Companies whose founders are foreign citizens cannot work with defense enterprises, rent land within the port and near the border, run a large publishing business or open mass media, work with radioactive wastes. It is also prohibited to conduct activities in the field of insurance. The ban will be relevant if the share in the LLC of a foreign citizen is 50%. It is impossible to open an LLC in Russia if the organization has only one founder who is a foreign citizen or a foreign legal entity.

It is important to know that foreign entrepreneurs can avoid some restrictions if they register a company in partnership with citizens of the Russian Federation.

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How can a citizen of Belarus open an LLC in Russia
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