Real estate rental lawyer

Rental of real estate is a type of property and legal relations, which implies the transfer of real estate to the tenant for temporary use for receiving regular and fixed fees.

Of course, renting is not limited to renting an apartment or a private house. Real estate rental lawyers regularly encounter in practice the signing of contracts for the delivery of land or commercial premises.

What does the service of legal support of real estate rental include?

The services of such a specialist, as a rule, include:

  • Drafting a lease agreement based on the requirements stated by the parties.
  • Agreement of the provisions of the contract with the second party.
  • Analysis of the text of the contract, to find possible risks for the client and work to reduce them.
  • Negotiating with counterparties.
  • Representing the interests of the client or the company in various instances, including in court.
  • Consulting on the legal aspects of renting or renting real estate.
  • Implementation of the state registration of the lease agreement in state bodies.
  • Supervision of compliance with the terms of the transaction.
  • Preparation of a claim for pre-trial settlement of disputes and ensuring compliance with the conditions for resolving the conflict before the trial.

What should I pay attention to when concluding a real estate lease agreement?

Most often in their practice, real estate rental lawyers are faced with an already drawn up template contract prepared by the landlord. This situation is especially common in the rental of premises in shopping or business centers. Not every businessman can understand the subtleties of the points prescribed in the contract, so he turns to real estate specialists for help.

  • Verification of the landlord’s legal rights to the property of interest. Such information is contained in an extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate.
  • Whether the immovable object is in state or municipal ownership. If yes, then its lease is carried out through special auctions.
  • Checking the legal status of the landlord. If the company is in liquidation, it is better to refuse to sign the contract.
  • The presence of pending legal proceedings against the counterparty.
  • Checking the counterparty for the presence of outstanding debt obligations through the website of the Federal Tax Service.
  • Before signing the contract, it is necessary to inspect the premises personally and check the layout for compliance with the information stated in the explication.
  • Before the transaction, you need to identify a number of points in advance: who is responsible for fire safety, payment of utility bills and other mandatory contributions.
  • Describe the procedure for possible rent increases.
  • Indicate the availability of rights to perform repairs and other works inside and outside the premises.
  • Make sure that you are completely satisfied with the commercial terms of the contract.
  • Specify clear conditions for termination of the agreement by each of the parties.

VALEN lawyers are engaged in the support of a wide range of real estate rental transactions, including work with commercial and residential premises, as well as land plots. Our specialists are ready to solve even the most difficult task in an objective time.

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