How to apply for temporary registration in Russia

Jan, 13 2024

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Temporary registration is registration at place of residence, that is, where a citizen resides temporarily. Such a place can be a house, an apartment or a room, a hotel, a sanatorium, a hospital.

Who needs temporary registration and why

Temporary registration for Russian citizens is required if you leave the region where permanent registration is issued for more than 90 days.

The difference between registration at place of residence and registration at place of stay

A place of residence is a dwelling in which a person permanently (mainly) resides as an owner, under lease (sublease) agreement, under contract of lease of specialized residential premises, or on any other basis. Place of stay is, accordingly, housing that a person occupies on the same grounds, but temporarily.

Change of residence must be reported to the General Directorate for migration of the Ministry of internal Affairs within seven days. Registration at place of stay must be made only if you plan to live in a new place for more than 90 days.

Registration, both at place of residence and at place of stay, is made from three to eight days, depending on the method of submitting documents.

Is it necessary to get consent of other residents of your dwelling to apply for temporary registration?

If you are the owner of property (or its share) in which you want to register, you do not need to get anyone’s consent. If not, you will have to get permission from all owners of residential premises.

If housing is in state or municipal fund, and you are the only user of it, you also do not need anyone’s consent for temporary registration. However, if other people are already registered in the premises at their place of residence, you will need permission of those who are of age.

If you want to apply for temporary registration in housing that is state or municipal property, but you are not its tenant, you will have to enter into sublease agreement. This agreement will serve as the basis for temporary registration.

When registering at place of stay in communal apartment, consent of all owners and tenants living in the apartment is required.

Consent of owners or users of the housing provided to you is expressed in writing while personally attending registration authorities. If it is not possible to be present in person, consent should be notarized.

Step-by-step procedure for obtaining temporary registration 

Currently, citizens at their place of residence and place of stay are registered by territorial divisions of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation which form migration departments. You need to submit application for temporary registration there.

Following documents should be enclosed to the application:

  1. Identity document of the citizen of Russia:
  2. passport of Russian citizen;
  3. ID card or military ID card – for military personnel;
  4. certificate of release from prison — for persons released from prison;
  5. passport certifying identity of citizen of the Russian Federation outside the Russian Federation – for persons permanently residing outside the Russian Federation.
  6. For children who are less than 14 years old, child’s birth certificate must be provided. Persons who have reached age of 14 apply for registration on their own behalf.
  7. Application proving your registration at place of stay. Minor children should be included in this application.
  8. Original or certified copy of document that is the basis for settlement in residential premises (evidence of ownership, lease (sublease) or social hiring agreement, as well as statement of individual or authorized representative of legal entity providing housing to the citizen, etc.). If copy of document is enclosed, it must be notarized.
  9. Filled in arrival address sheet in triplicate. Arrival sheets must be filled in by the officials responsible for registration.
  10. Landlord’s consent to move in.
  11. Consent of residential premises’ owner to move in and grant the person the right to temporary use residential premises.
  12. Consent of tenant and all adult citizens living together with him. Registration of minor children at place of residence of their parents does not require consent of either the owner or the tenant. Signatures of the parties to the agreement are certified by an official when submitting documents or by a notary.

If the apartment is located in municipal ownership, landlord (state) has the right to prohibit residence and registration of temporary residents if for each resident total area of residential premises is less than the accounting norm (for a separate apartment). For communal apartment – less than provision rate.

Registration of citizens of the Russian Federation at place of stay and at place of residence within the Russian Federation is free of charge.

Registration process at place of stay is as follows:

  1. Migration Department accepts a set of documents for temporary registration.
  2. Sends an interdepartmental request if the applicant has not provided documents of ownership or social hiring agreement.
  3. Makes a decision and draws up documents.
  4. Issues certificate of registration at place of residence to the applicant or legal representative.

How to submit documents in person to the Ministry of internal Affairs

Documents for temporary registration in migration authorities’ offices are accepted only from those who have made an electronic application through public services. If you do not have an account on public services, you can apply for temporary registration through multi-functional center.

How long does registration issuance process take?

Territorial division of the Ministry of internal Affairs is obliged to register you at your place of residence within 3 business days if you submitted documents in person. If you brought all the documents with you, including an extract from the unified state register of real estate, registration certificate will be issued immediately.

This period can be extended to 8 working days if you register on the basis of certificate of state registration of the right to housing or social lease agreement and have not provided proving documents. During this time, registration authority itself will request necessary data.

If documents are submitted through MFC or sent though post office, the Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs is obliged to register you within 8 working days after receiving the documents. It will take a few more days to send documents by mail or transfer them from MFC to the Ministry of internal Affairs and back.

How long is it allowed to reside temporarily

If you are registering in your own apartment, period for registration at place of stay is not limited by law and depends on your desire. If you are registering on someone’s else living space, the term of temporary registration depends on your agreement with the landlord. However, registration is not unlimited, so you will be asked to write start and end dates in your application.

If you decide to move out of temporary housing before the end of temporary registration period, you need to submit an application in free form with a request to remove you from register at place of stay, indicating the date of departure, if known. You can do this in person, through public services portal, or send a letter by mail.

After the registration period ends, you do not need to submit any applications — you will be removed from the registration register automatically.

Temporary registration of child

The place of residence or stay of minors under 14 years of age or citizens under guardianship is recognized as place of residence or stay of their legal representatives – parents, adoptive parents, or guardians.

For registration of children under 14 years of age and incapacitated citizens at place of residence of legal representatives — parents (one of the parents), adoptive parents or guardians, consent of homeowners is not required. Accordingly, their presence during submission of documents is not necessary. Registration is carried out at the request of legal representative. Registration of children over 14 years old is carried out on general basis.

Children under 14 years old should not be registered in identity document. Instead, certificate of registration at place of residence or stay is issued.

Liability for violation of terms of temporary registration

If you do not register at your place of residence, you may be fined 2000-4000 rubles. A landlord who does not register nonresidents in an apartment can be fined from 2000 to 5000 rubles if the landlord is an individual, and from 250,000 to 750,000 Rubles if the housing is owned by legal entity.

If the case occurs in Moscow or St. Petersburg, fines are higher: from 3,000 to 5,000 rubles for a person who has not registered at place of residence, from 5,000 to 7,000 rubles for the owner of an apartment or room, if he is individual, and from 300,000 to 800,000 Rubles if the owner is a legal entity.

Following entities will not be fined:

  • who have permanent registration in the same subject of the Russian Federation.
  • who are permanently registered in Moscow region, but live in Moscow, and vice versa. The same rule applies to residents of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region, Sevastopol, and the Republic of Crimea.
  • close relatives of tenants or owners who have permanent registration in this residential area.
  • close relatives who live together with the tenants or owners of this dwelling.

Following people are considered close relatives by law: spouses, children (including adopted children), spouses of children, parents (including foster parents), spouses of parents, grandparents, and grandchildren.

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