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VALEN Group provides a full range of consulting services for international companies, that operate or are planning to set-up business on the Russian market.

Company set up (Limited Liability Company - LLC)

Building up LLC gives the possibility to operate commercial activity according to Russian law. The responsibility of members is limited to the sum of an authorized capital (min 10.000 Rubles, around Euro 120).

The procedure takes up around 3 weeks and has the following steps:

  • Preparation of incorporation documents (Articles of Association, Resolution of LLC set up е);
  • Registration of the company by tax authorities.

The following main documents are required for the registration:

  1. Resolution of LLC set up;
  2. Original copy of Articles of Association (2 copies);
  3. Documents of member;
  4. Guarantee letter of premises owner;
  5. State fee of 4.000 Rubles (around Euro 50).

Legal address

Before state registration the company should have a legal address. The rendering of such address should be confirmed by the guarantee letter of the premises owner.

In case the company does not have an office yet, we can provide with legal address.

This service includes:

  1. Rendering of legal address and the documents for registering the company and opening of the bank accounts;
  2. Postbox service (receiving of the correspondence and transfer to company representative).

Legal address and postbox service will be valid for 6 months. Later, we can prolong or change the address. We provide only secure addresses.

Incorporated Company management (interim manager)

A foreign citizen does not need documents to open a company – this can be done without a residence permit and a work permit.

However, before becoming the CEO of a company, it is necessary to obtain a work permit and a work visa.

Therefore, before obtaining a work permit for the position of CEO, it is necessary to appoint a Russian citizen or use the interim manager service.

Period is 1-2 months, but a longer period is also possible. An interim manager is an administrator who will sign documents for opening an account, work permit documents, necessary contracts, and so on.

He will not have access to the company’s accounts and signs documents only after approval.

Accounting services

(see more – valen-tax.com)

After setting up of the company we would like to offer our accounting services:

  • Maintenance of accounting records and internal audit;
  • Accounting and Payroll hosting and servicing;
  • Full reporting packages preparation and sending to the tax office and funds;
  • Preparation of payment orders and banking operations support;
  • Processing of incoming primary documentation;
  • Calculation of wages and insurance contributions;
  • Preparation of expense reports and compensations.

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