VAT: foreign companies’ registration

Feb, 12 2019

Due to new obligation for e-services providers to get registered in Tax authorities, a lot of companies asked us for support on this matter.

VALEN law firm has successfully registered a lot of clients as VAT-payers for providing e-services.

Since January 01, 2019 foreign companies providing e-services for companies and sole proprietors in Russia are obliged to pay VAT.

All foreign e-services providers should get registered in Federal Tax Service of Russia regardless if their customers are individuals, companies or sole proprietors.

Law defines VAT-taxable e-services as services, rendered via information telecommunication networks, specified in Paragraph 1 Art. 174.2 of Russian Tax Code.

The registration could be passed at This service is available in Russian and English.

VAT: foreign companies’ registration
Valentina Khlavich
Managing Partner