The mechanism of parallel import was extended for 2024

Jan, 10 2024

The government has decided to extend the parallel import mechanism for the next 2024, however, the list of imported goods under it will be consistently reduced.

The authorities report on perpetual work to adjust both manufacturers and nomenclature, according to which Russian legal entities reach the set amount and quality indicators, or suppliers from foreign states require their exclusion from the list upon return.

The parallel import mechanism facilitates the import of products without the consent of the copyright holder. It has been operating in the Russian Federation since last year.

The list of goods subject to parallel import includes products and materials of hundreds of foreign brands that refused to supply their goods to the Russian Federation as a result of the implementation of restrictions.

This list has been frequently altered by adding new items, as well as removing previous ones from it. Regulators previously announced the maintenance of the mechanism upon the condition of a gradual reduction of the goods within the list. Initially, there were approximately 1.3 thousand products in the list of goods, while their current number is 300.

The authorities stated that the parallel import mechanism “accomplished its role in stabilizing the situation on the goods market,” however, in the future it should be used only in cases where it is necessary. The accessibility of parallel import has led to the preference of Russian legal entities to purchase foreign goods without producing “their personal promising developments” and without using “the scientific and technical potential existing in the state.”

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The mechanism of parallel import was extended for 2024
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