Subsidies for companies in 2022.

Sep, 14 2022

The government offers a list of measures to support both existing and long-established businesses. Assistance from the state is as follows:

Support for travel companies in 2022.

The government allocates funds to travel companies, which can be spent on the development (development) of tourist routes, the construction of eco-hotels and the creation of campsites.

Subsidies are distributed annually, for this purpose the travel company applies to the Federal Tourism Agency and, if the documents are successfully reviewed, grants are allocated to it. The amount of grants is quite impressive – up to 3 million rubles.

Joint-Stock Company “MSP Bank”

Supports entrepreneurs by providing direct guarantees, which in turn will provide future loans, loans, and bank guarantees for business.

Any company and entrepreneur who is serviced by JSC “MSP Bank” can receive support from the bank.

Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation

The Foundation is responsible for supporting small businesses in the scientific field and finances targeted projects.

The company is aimed at developing the potential of Russian youth and creates many programs for gifted innovators.

Support for agricultural producers

The agro-industrial complex is also supported by the government, for this purpose a program has been developed to support producers. Now companies and entrepreneurs have the right to get a loan at a rate that cannot exceed 5 percent.

Grants are also provided for the purchase of machinery and equipment.

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Subsidies for companies in 2022.
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