Legislative novelties of September 2022

Sep, 07 2022

Advertising on the Internet

Amendments have been made to the law on advertising. From the first of September, the user is obliged to notify Roskomnadzor about the placement of advertising on the Internet. Otherwise, he faces a fine.

Consumer protection

The law on consumer Protection has been changed, now the seller or the contractor is prohibited from withdrawing from the contract unilaterally, without the consent of the consumer.

Also, since the beginning of September, it is prohibited to refuse to conclude a contract with a consumer if he refuses to provide his personal data. The exception is mandatory personal information in accordance with the requirements of the law.

Personal data

The operator of personal data is obliged to inform Roskomnadzor about the transfer of citizens’ data abroad from September 01, 2022.

Financial sphere

Since the beginning of autumn, unqualified investors will be evaluated by the answers to four questions, one of which will be simple, two of medium complexity, one complex. The computer system selects questions randomly, if at least one question is answered incorrectly, then the status of “non-qual” will not be obtained.

At the beginning of autumn, the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation will have new compositions of offenses in the field of finance. Now companies that do not comply with mandatory measures to freeze funds or other property within the framework of specialized economic measures can be fined. The size of the fine is impressive – from 300,000 to 500,000 rubles.

From September 3, money transfer operators will receive the right to accept cash from businesses for crediting funds to a current account.

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Legislative novelties of September 2022
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