Opening an LLC in Russia without the personal presence of the founders

Jun, 07 2023

When opening a company, the choice most often falls on a limited liability company (LLC). By opening an LLC, the founders are not responsible for the obligations of the company with their personal property, and it will be enough to deposit only 10,000 rubles as the authorized capital for the opening. LLC can be opened remotely, which does not require the personal presence of the founders during registration.

Stages of remote registration of LLC:

  • Preparation of documents

At this stage, it is necessary to draft the following documents:

  1. Application for registration of a legal entity (form P11001)
  2. Power of attorney for the submission of documents by a trusted person
  3. Decision or protocol on the establishment of a legal entity
  4. The Articles of Association of the company.
  5. Attestation of the founders’ signature

After drafting the documents, it is essential to authenticate the signature of the founders in the application for registration of the legal entity and in the power of attorney. This can be done at a notary office or at a Russian consulate in any country.

Then you need to get an apostille for the documents (if the country is a party to the Hague Convention) or legalize them at the Russian consulate so that they have legal force in Russian Federation.

• Sending and certification of documents in Russia

Upon completion of the second stage, the certified documents should be sent to Russia. After receiving the documents they are translated into Russian and the translation is certified by a Russian notary .

• Submission of documents to the Federal Tax Service

You can submit these documents to the Federal Tax Service in any convenient way: personally, by an attorney to the tax service, through the Russian Post or courier services. It is also necessary to pay the state duty (4000 rubles) and attach a receipt from the bank.

Company registration takes up to 3 working days (not counting the day of submission). After making an entry on the creation of a legal entity in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, you can open a bank account and perform other legally significant actions.

It is also necessary to consider the following issues related to registration:

1. Founders, their composition and status (legal entities or natural persons)

The number of founders determines whether it is necessary to prepare a resolution (if there is only one founder) or a minutes on the creation of a legal entity. If the founder is a legal entity, it will also be necessary to obtain certified documents for a foreign company before filing. It should also be considered that a legal entity with a single participant cannot be the sole founder of a new legal entity.

2. The person who will hold the position of General Director.

It is necessary to determine the position of the CEO in advance, since his data will be indicated in official sources and the personal presence of the director will be necessary for further steps (opening an account, obtaining an EDS).

3. The legal address of the company

It is equally important to choose a reliable legal address, since the regulatory authorities have the authority to verify whether the company is operating at the address indicated in official documents.


Based on the above, it is also possible to register an LLC in Russia in a remote format. For remote registration, it is necessary to prepare the relevant documents, certify the signature of the founders in the documents, as well as translate the documents into Russian and notarize the translation. After that, the documents are submitted to the tax service using one of the above methods.

In order not to miss anything important and get a positive decision from the registering authority, it is worth contacting specialists who will accompany each stage and do everything necessary for the successful registration of the company.

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Opening an LLC in Russia without the personal presence of the founders
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