Notaries will be bound to submit applications for legal entities’ registration to Federal Tax Service

Sep, 16 2020

Authorities on submitting to Federal tax service an application for setting up a company or registering a natural person as sole proprietor may be delegated to notaries.

It is proposed to impose on the notary duty not only to certify the authenticity of signature on the application for state registration of a legal entity, but also to submit this application and other necessary documents to the Federal tax service, thereby combining implementation of these two procedures in a single notarial action.

At the same time the draft law proposes to eliminate notarization of power of attorney, on the basis of which a representative of a person applying for incorporation of company or registration of citizen as individual entrepreneur acts.

To sum up, if the above mentioned amendments are adopted, the applicant will not be required to seek services of representative, since the applicant himself will be able to submit all necessary documents for commercial entity’s registration just by visiting notary.

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