Legal support of enforcement proceedings

Jan, 19 2024


Enforcement proceedings are a procedure aimed at the enforcement of certain actions prescribed by court decisions or other executive orders. Enforcement proceedings can become a complex and confusing process for most companies. In order not to get confused about the nuances of legislation, use the service of outsourcing lawyers.

What does the service include?

  1. Consultation and analysis. The lawyer conducts an initial consultation, during which the situation is read and a decision is made on further actions. The specialist will analyze the rights and obligations, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the case.
  2. Preparation of documents. Making the right documents is a key aspect of successful enforcement proceedings. A lawyer will help you draw up and submit the necessary applications, complaints, objections and other documents in compliance with all legal norms.
  3. Representation of interests. The lawyer acts on behalf of the applicant. This allows him to communicate with the judicial authorities and other parties involved in the process. In general, the process includes negotiations, participation in hearings and preparation for executive actions.
  4. Protection of interests. The specialist will work to protect the rights and interests, ensuring compliance with the law and preventing illegal actions.
  5. Execution of the court’s decision. In case of a positive court decision, the lawyer will interact with the executive authorities to ensure the execution of the court decision.

Who is the service suitable for?

Legal support of enforcement proceedings can be useful for a wide range of individuals and organizations:

  1. An individual. Plenty of people may face enforcement proceedings that involve debt repayment, alimony payments, property disputes or other situations. That’s why it is better to seek the services of a lawyer to build a further plan and protect your interests.
  2. Individual entrepreneurs and companies. Sole proprietors and commercial organizations sometimes face enforcement proceedings for debt collection, non-compliance with contracts or other disputes. Legal support minimizes risks and preserves business reputation.
  3. Government organizations and noncommercial organizations. Non-profit organizations, like ordinary companies, also face enforcement proceedings related to debtors, contracts and other aspects of their activities.

Regardless of the complexity of the situation, a legally competent lawyer will help to reduce the risks of negative impact from the execution of bailiffs’ orders. VALEN’s lawyers will develop a strategy and help resolve the situation with the Federal Bailiff’s Service.

What cases are we helping with?

Regardless of the nature and stage of the dispute, we help with solving important issues that the parties face in enforcement proceedings. This includes:

  1. The court’s decision on debt collection. The most common court decision in enforcement proceedings. The court establishes the obligation of the debtor to pay the debt to the creditor in accordance with the terms of the contract or a court decision.
  2. Seizure of property. The court may decide to seize the debtor’s property to ensure the execution of the judicial act. This includes the seizure of real estate, bank accounts, or other valuable assets.
  3. The decision to terminate the contract. If one of the parties has violated the terms of the contract, the court may decide to terminate the contract and compensate the injured party.
  4. The decision to terminate enforcement proceedings. In some cases, the court may decide to terminate enforcement proceedings if the parties have reached an agreement or if there are grounds for canceling enforcement actions.

How do we help?

The organization of judicial proceedings in enforcement proceedings requires accuracy, experience and knowledge of legal procedures. How can we help the customer?

  1. Assistance in the preparation of statements of claim and objections. Our lawyers will help you formulate a statement of claim or objection correctly, considering all the necessary legal nuances and evidence. This will increase the chances of a successful resolution of the dispute.
  2. Professional case analysis. Lawyers will conduct a detailed analysis of the case, identifying its strengths and weaknesses. This will allow us to develop a strategy for the trial.
  3. Representation in court. Court procedures often require the presence of a lawyer. Experienced lawyers will represent the interests, ensuring compliance with procedures and legal norms.
  4. Enforcement of court decisions. After receiving the court decision, lawyers will monitor its execution, ensuring that rights and interests are satisfied.
  5. Consultations at each stage. Lawyers are ready to give advice and support at all stages of the trial, helping to cope with possible difficulties.

The cost of legal support of enforcement proceedings

The cost of legal support is based on certain factors. The price is affected:

  • The complexity of the case
  • The time required to solve the problem
  • The need to travel frequently to the Federal Bailiff’s Service or the court
  • The number of lawyers involved

Legal support of enforcement proceedings is a necessary service for those who face difficulties in this process or want to minimize the risks of their occurrence. We help to ensure the observance of rights, reduce risks and achieve the best results. Regardless of whether the applicant is a citizen, entrepreneur or an organization, we will be a reliable ally in protecting interests.

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Legal support of enforcement proceedings
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