How to open an LLC remotely. Nuances of the procedure. Is it possible to contact specialists?

Jan, 06 2024


A limited liability company (LLC) is an economic and commercial enterprise organized by one or more founders – individuals or legal entities, whose authorized capital is divided into shares. The peculiarity of such an organizational form is that the risk of losses will be within the value of the shares or shares owned in the authorized capital of the company. 

A limited liability company has its own characteristics, among the advantages of which are:

  • Reduced risks of personal property loss. Most often, individual entrepreneurs take loans for business development secured by personal property, which increases the risks of its alienation in case of debt. 
  • The ability to conduct any business activity in the form of an LLC. In particular, an individual entrepreneur cannot engage in the production and sale of alcoholic beverages, conduct insurance and banking activities, open investment funds, pawnshops and be a tour operator.   
  • Increased chances of selling a business in the form of an LLC. 
  • LLC is considered a more stable form of doing business, which has a positive effect on relations with counterparties.  

The opening of a new limited liability company is not uncommon for Russian legal practice. At the same time, not everyone knows about the simplified procedure, which consists in the remote registration of an LLC

How to open an LLC remotely? 

Registration of LLC remotely involves the use of a special Internet resource created on the basis of the website of the Federal Tax Service back in 2017. The main convenience when working with it is the absence of the need to visit the tax office and submit documents in person. As a rule, the opening of an LLC remotely takes place in several stages.  

Stage 1. Registration on the portal of the Federal Tax Service of Russia. 

Any actions with the service involve a stage of primary moderation. If there is a taxpayer’s personal account or an account on the Public Services portal, no separate registration is required – the Federal Tax Service allows you to log into your personal account through these accounts. 

Stage 2. Collecting the necessary documents. 

You can register an LLC remotely with the following list of documents:

  • The decision of the founder(s) on the establishment of the company. Note that if there is one participant, the Federal Tax Service website can independently compile a template text of the decision. 
  • Written charter of LLC. If there is one founder, the Federal Tax Service website can also offer a standard text of the organization’s charter. 
  • A completed questionnaire on the website of the Federal Tax Service. The document must specify passport data, TIN, registration address, Russian classifier of types of economic activity codes and the amount of authorized capital.
  • Completed application form P11001. 
  • Confirmation of the legal address. This may be a certificate of ownership of the premises or a letter of guarantee from the landlord. 
  • Application for the transition to a simplified taxation system. The remote application format also allows you to immediately switch to a special tax regime. 

Stage 3. Obtaining an electronic digital signature (EDS). 

An EDS is an analogue of a manual signature on official documents. Note that to register an LLC remotely, an enhanced qualified electronic signature is required. Such an analogue can be ordered in special centers that have passed the licensing stage in the FSB of Russia. Such organizations guarantee the security of encryption, protecting the signature from copying, forgery or unauthorized use by another person. 

To obtain an electronic digital signature, it is necessary to provide originals and copies of three documents to a special center – passport, SNILS and INN. After confirming the identity and verifying the authenticity of the documents, the applicant will receive an electronic EDS certificate recorded on a special external medium. A personal PIN code and instructions for working with the signature are usually attached to the EDS. 

Note that when registering an LLC, remotely collected documents must contain an electronic digital signature. To do this, a special signing program is downloaded to the computer, where the received certificate is entered. 

For our part, we note that an external carrier with an EDS should be protected from loss or theft. Protection in the form of a PIN code cannot fully guarantee the safety of the signature in case the carrier falls into the hands of fraudsters.

Stage 4. Mandrel documents. 

Few people know that the tax service imposes strict requirements on the documents sent. The algorithm is such that the papers need to be printed and scanned in a certain format. If necessary, each document will have to be reduced to a size of no more than 2 MB. 

The application form P11001 is formed in the personal account of the founder. The remaining papers must be attached separately. Before sending, each document must be provided with an EDS.

As for the state fee, it is not required to pay a receipt for the remote opening of an LLC. This will save 4,000 rubles. 

Stage 5. Wait for the decision of the Federal Tax Service.  

Verification of documents usually takes three working days. In case of successful registration, the applicant receives a copy of the charter, a certificate of tax registration and an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities by e-mail. Electronic documents are equated to paper analogues; therefore, they allow you to open a current account and conclude the first contracts with counterparties. 

Is it possible to open an LLC remotely with the help of a specialist? 

Legal practice shows that the main difficulties with remote registration of an LLC are related to the preparation and submission of a complete and correctly completed package of documents.  

VALEN specialists are ready to offer their services to support the opening of a business on the Internet:

  • Consultation at all stages of preparation and submission of the application. 
  • Selection of a certified center for obtaining EDS. 
  • Assistance in choosing the direction of activity and installing codes from Russian classifier of types of economic activity codes. 
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How to open an LLC remotely. Nuances of the procedure. Is it possible to contact specialists?
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