Representation services in court

In the case when one of the parties cannot or does not want to personally participate in the trial, they resort to using such a service as representation in court.

Representation is necessary in the following cases:

  • incapacity of a citizen;
  • inability to attend meetings;
  • the desire to have high-quality legal protection.

VALEN employs masters of their craft who provide professional representation in court at various levels:

  • magistrates ‘ courts and district courts;
  • intellectual property courts;
  • The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation;
  • courts of appeal of general jurisdiction;
  • arbitration courts of any instances.

Representation services in court are necessary for both individuals and legal entities to establish a competent defense strategy. This method of conducting court cases is a popular way of defending the interests of citizens and companies. To protect your own rights, you should choose high-quality specialists, since an incompetent lawyer can become the key to defeat in any legal disputes.

Common errors

Legal representation in court is very popular in our city. First of all, in court sessions, in the bulk of disputes about the right, either the defendant directly or the person representing him, who has the appropriate competence, should participate.

Choosing a lawyer with a proper level of training as a representative in court will reduce the time of the trial and save the client’s time and nerves.

A certified specialist, due to significant experience in protecting judicial and pre-trial interests, has sufficient competence, legal literacy and all the necessary skills for a more successful representation.

A lawyer who provides good representation in court is able not only to properly prepare all the necessary documentation and choose the most profitable strategy, but also to correctly convey the position of a human rights defender to the court and confirm the court in the rightness of his ward.

The experience and constant professional training of lawyers allow them to freely navigate in all matters. They need to carefully study the details of the case, documents, as well as the history of similar court decisions, evidence and arguments more suitable for the protection of the client’s civil law.

What services we provide

VALEN provides competent lawyers with regular working practice in various and special areas of their professional activity. Representation in civil cases, in magistrates ‘ courts, allows the company’s specialists to always defend the interests of the principal at a high level.

The legal practice of VALEN human rights defenders includes experience in supporting:

  • housing disputes, including on privatization, inheritance, recognition of property rights in the order of the acquisition statute of limitations;
  • labor disputes – both on the side of the employer and in the interests of the employee;
  • corporate disputes, including those on challenging the actions of management;
  • support of bankruptcy cases, including bringing to subsidiary liability, challenging transactions, collecting losses;
  • property disputes;
  • consumer disputes;
  • disputes about intellectual property rights;
  • disputes arising from non-performance or improper performance of contracts.

The client has the right to discuss all available issues with the chosen lawyer. Representation in a civil court and the advice of a competent specialist will help significantly increase the chances of winning the case in court proceedings.

What does the representation service include?

The protection of the interests of the rights of the principal includes a whole range of measures within the framework of legal consultations of representation in court directly. For a person who is concerned about the state of their affairs, it is necessary to be fully aware during the entire judicial process. VALEN’s certified lawyers provide their clients with a full range of necessary measures in the interests of the principal.

The powers include:

  • full analysis and in-depth examination of all available documents;
  • preliminary protection measures;
  • study of the future prospects of conducting a court case;
  • the negotiation side;
  • creating a firm legal position;
  • representation of the client’s side in court sessions in courts of all instances;
  • analysis of the opponent’s position from the point of view of jurisprudence and preparation of counter arguments;
  • cassation and appeal appeal;
  • full support of enforcement proceedings.

Legal services of representation in court provide full legal protection of the civil right of the principal and the assertion of his interests in court. Professionals in their field are able to turn most of the court proceedings in favor of their clients. That is why this service is in such high demand.

Our advantages and guarantees

VALEN lawyers guarantee a high-quality and individual approach to each client. The company has been operating since 2012, most of the specialists are graduates of Russian and German universities, are well versed in Russian and Dutch legislation, understand the European rules of doing business.

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Leading Lawyers

Valentina Khlavich
Managing Partner
Denis Bondarev
Head of Operations
Irina Girgushkina
Head of legal
Dmitry Kofanov
Valentina Khlavich
Managing Partner

Law degree in the Russian Federation

Studied at the University of Passau, Germany

Foreign Languages: English, German

Since 2007 a lawyer in Beiten Burkhardt lawfirm

Since 2012 founder and managing partner at VALEN

Our specialists
Denis Bondarev
Head of Operations

Graduated from People’s Friendship University of Russia (RUDN)

Certified Lawyer in the Russian Federation, Master of law (International law)

Foreign languages: English

5+ years of legal experience in consulting  lawfirms and inhouse practices

Since 2023 —Director of Operations at Valen Group

Our specialists
Irina Girgushkina
Head of legal

Graduated Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO)

RANEPA at the President of the Russian Federation

Certified Lawyer in the Russian Federation, Master of Law (Corporate Law)

Foreign languages: English, French

4+ years in corporate law consulting

Since 2022 –Head of legal at Valen Group

Our specialists
Dmitry Kofanov

Certified Lawyer in the Russian Federation

Experience since 2003 – in Russian and foreign law firms

Since 2021 – partner at VALEN

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