Registration of representative office/branch

The process of opening a branch office in Russia: 

  1. Preparation of set of necessary documents (Resolution on branch office opening, Application under Russian specialized form, Charter of branch office, and others);
  2. Certification of the number of employees in the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation;
  3. Submission of documents to registration authority (Federal Tax Service No. 47 for Moscow);
  4. Obtaining Certificate.

State fee – 120 000 Rubles (about 1350 Euro) and 18 000 Rubles (about 200 Euro) for certification o the number of employees. 

Legal address

Before state registration Branch should have a legal address. The rendering of such address should be confirmed by the guarantee letter of the premises owner. We can provide with legal address.

This service includes:

  1. Rendering of legal address and the documents for registering the company and opening of the bank accounts;
  2. Postbox service (receiving of the correspondence and transfer to company representative).

Legal address and postbox service will be valid for 6 months. Later, we can prolong or change the address.

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