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The law distinguishes two types of property: immovable and movable. Real estate includes land plots, apartments, houses, cottages, commercial premises, garages, and parking spaces.

Such objects are usually expensive, which is partly why their acquisition is associated with some risks, primarily for the buyer. To protect yourself from several problems, it makes sense to use the services of a real estate lawyer.

Real estate lawyer consultation: what issues should be discussed in advance?

The service includes three aspects:

  • Primary analysis of documents.
  • Assessment of the transaction and the prospects for the occurrence of risks after the conclusion of the contract.
  • Signing a contract with a real estate lawyer for further representation of the client’s interests in various instances.

How is the transaction verified by a real estate lawyer?

Buying an apartment and other property is associated with spending large sums of money and the possible appearance of some risks, then a qualified real estate lawyer will check the full set of documents for the transaction. This is expressed in the study of:

  • Passports of adult participants in the transaction or birth certificates of children. The data in all documents must match the passport data.
  • Title documents. Depending on the method of obtaining an apartment, they may have a different format – a contract of sale, a certificate of inheritance or a donation of an apartment into ownership after privatization.
  • Extract from the property register. The lawyer will check the number of owners, the size of their shares, the absence of encumbrances.
  • Consent of the spouse. The sale of real estate without the consent of the second spouse can be easily challenged in court.
  • Certificate of mortgage repayment.
  • Certificates from neuropsychiatric and narcological dispensaries – confirm the seller’s legal capacity in matters of deciding on the alienation of property.
  • Cadastral passport to avoid the risks of illegal alterations.
  • Help from the house book. At the time of sale, all tenants must be discharged from the premises.
  • Certificate of absence of arrears on utility bills.

As a rule, those buyers who purchased an apartment on their own, without the assistance of real estate lawyers, face problems after purchasing real estate.

The services of a real estate lawyer, as a rule, include the resolution of the following disputes in court

Contesting transactions on the alienation of property.

  • Recognition of ownership rights to inherited property.
  • Disputes related to the violation of rights during the privatization of property.

According to the current legislation, the court of first instance must make a decision on property disputes within two months from the date of registration of the claim for production. An appeal can be considered for up to three months.

What services can a real estate specialist offer?

In addition to these aspects of work, lawyers in the field of property relations can provide the following services:

  • Assistance in the transfer of real estate to a non-residential fund.
  • Establishment of ownership rights to unauthorized construction.
  • Resolution of a few housing disputes.
  • Eviction of the tenant or deprivation of registration.

VALEN’s lawyers are ready to assist in matters related to the support of real estate transactions. We are ready to provide initial consultation and conduct full transaction support until an entry is made in the state register.

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