Outsourcing of legal services

Outsourcing legal services is professional legal support to ensure reliable guarantees of business functioning, interaction with contractors and government authorities.

VALEN Group can provide such guarantees of legal assistance and business security for comfortable work and transactions.

Valentina Khlavich
Managing Partner
  • Law degree in Russian Federation
  • Studies at the University of Passau, Germany
  • Foreign languages: English, German
  • Since 2007 lawfirm Beiten Burkhardt
  • Since 2012 founder and managing partner at VALEN

Since 2019 in List of Best Lawyers

For whom are the services relevant?

  • Companies (LLC or JSC).

The services of a full-time lawyer are becoming less relevant, as Russian legislation is changing and undergoing amendments. A large number of regulatory documents expands the range of documents required for timely consideration. All this complicates the process of solving legal cases for a full-time specialist.

  • Sole proprietor.

An individual entrepreneur, due to the presence of small competencies, cannot always competently conduct the business of the company in accordance with the new laws. To reduce the risks of receiving pre-trial claims to court, it is advisable to contact the specialists.

Lawyers from law firms have extensive practice in conducting corporate cases and legal proceedings. They can constantly analyze laws, including documents of a narrow focus. Their experience and knowledge allow to provide support:

  • Budget organizations.
  • Non-commercial organizations (NCO).
  • Newly registered companies.
  • Companies with a small staff of lawyers, but big legal problems.

What is included in the outsourcing of legal services:

  • Conducting oral and written consultations.  
  • Preparation of documents.  
  • Legal examination of documents.  
  • Assessment of the prospects for litigation.
  • Representation of the customer’s interests during negotiations with intermediaries or partners.
  • Representation of the company’s interests in public and private institutions.
  • Representing the interests of the organization during pre-trial proceedings and in court, as well as monitoring the execution of judicial proceedings.
  • Accounting and tax support.
  • Protection of the interests of the organization in case of labor disputes.
  • Participation in accident investigations during the work process.
  • Development of an internal regulatory framework.
  • Analysis of counterparty companies and transactions with them.
  • Identification of risks in various transactions.
  • Setting recommendations for making various transactions.
  • Control over the correct execution of transactions – within the framework of the concluded agreement.
  • Registration of real estate transactions, including land plots.
  • Support of the procedure for opening, reorganizing and liquidating a legal entity.
  • Support of the client at all stages of the bankruptcy procedure.

The cost of outsourcing legal services to businesses

The price of the specialists’ services is based on the following factors:

  • The presence or absence of a subscription fee.
  • The type of service performed.
  • The number of specialists involved.
  • The need to participate in court proceedings.
  • The need for business trips.
  • The legal area where the problem arose.

Advantages of outsourcing legal services to businesses

  • Efficiency. Law firms respond quickly to any questions and difficulties of the clients.
  • Confidentiality. Law firms do not disclose information to third parties. This applies to legal and commercial information.
  • Professionalism. All employees from law firms have the qualifications, experience and desire to help the client with high quality.
  • Reduction of tax and other expenses. The cost of a lawyer’s work includes the salary of a specialist and other expenses.
  • Uninterrupted operation. Law firms stay in touch at a convenient time for the client to resolve the most urgent and important issues.


Legal entities are increasingly turning to the services of outsourcing law firms for effective management of legal issues. This approach gives businesses the opportunity to concentrate on their core business, transferring legal responsibilities to professionals and reducing the risk of error. Cooperation with external law firms allows to reduce operating costs, since there is no need to maintain a full-fledged internal legal department.

In addition to expertise, outsourcing the services of law firms also helps to increase the flexibility of the enterprise. Companies can easily scale their need for legal support depending on current tasks and projects, avoiding unnecessary financial obligations.

As mentioned above, an important aspect of cooperation is also the reduction of risks associated with legal disputes and unforeseen situations. Outsourcing law firms strive to provide comprehensive and up-to-date advice, helping clients comply with laws and regulations, which helps to prevent possible legal problems.

In general, outsourcing the services of law firms is a strategically important step for enterprises, allowing them to effectively manage legal issues, focus on business processes and minimize risks.

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