LLC liquidation service without tax audit

The liquidation of a limited liability company (LLC) is a complete closure of the company with the termination of all economic and business activities and without the transfer of rights to the company to another person. 

The closure of an LLC is relevant in cases when:

  • The period for which the founders created the company has expired.
  • The members of the company have achieved entrepreneurial goals from the work of the company.
  • The company has ceased to bring profit to beneficiaries.
  • Debts to creditors or counterparties have arisen.

The experience of the VALEN law firm shows that most of the founders who close the firm are worried about the upcoming tax audit, even if they have a “clean” and legal job. Our specialists have been helping businessmen to avoid tax disputes for several years before the voluntary liquidation of an LLC.

In what cases is it necessary to seek help from specialists?

  • If the management understands that there will be an increased interest on the part of the tax service in the company’s reporting.
  • If the founders want to minimize the risks of problems during the liquidation of the LLC or accelerate the closure of the company.
  • If it is necessary to draw up a “road map” of the closure of the enterprise bypassing the tax audit.
  • If the last in-house or on-site tax audit passed with errors.

For successful official voluntary liquidation without checking the Federal Tax Service, our specialists analyze the company’s activities and accounting statements. Depending on the annual turnover and other factors, we draw up an action plan.

Interim measures for the liquidation of the company may include the following procedures:

  • Change of CEO and founder. This is necessary in case of a possible assessment of the solvency of the owners of the liquidated legal entity by the inspectors of the Federal Tax Service.
  • Reorganization in the form of merger or merger as an intermediate stage of liquidation. In this case, the “white and fluffy” successor company is closed, and the documents regarding the former legal entity reach within a certain time and do not affect the liquidation process.

VALEN company provides a range of turnkey LLC liquidation services without tax audit, including everything necessary for the successful closure of the company.

This list includes: 

  • Collection and submission of a full package of documents for the liquidation of an LLC.
  • Preparation of tax reports for submission to the tax service before closing.
  • Payment of the state fee.
  • Analysis of all requests and demands from government agencies for the last reporting period.
  • Consultation on all procedures of liquidation of the company without tax audit.
  • Analysis of the procedure and results of the last tax audit and, if necessary, we will draw up complaints in case of detection of violations.

Why customers choose us

  1. We offer affordable solutions. Our specialists build effective protection against possible inspections by tax authorities.
  2. Thorough knowledge of legislation. We update all changes in tax and administrative legislation to build effective assistance.
  3. Extensive work experience. Our lawyers have considerable practical experience in the liquidation of LLC.
  4. Work planning. As part of the initial consultation, we carefully study the client’s situation and draw up a solution plan that is most suitable for the company.

The level of competence of VALEN specialists is confirmed by numerous positive customer reviews from the large and small business sector. We value our reputation, so we offer optimal solutions to resolve legal disputes.

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