Legal support of transactions

Legal support of a purchase and sale transaction is a key service for modern business, which ensures reliability and safety during various operations. Support is important when building a successful business strategy and providing support to various companies. VALEN specialists provide a comprehensive range of consulting services to support the purchase and sale of various objects.  

Valentina Khlavich
Managing Partner
  • Law degree in Russian Federation
  • Studies at the University of Passau, Germany
  • Foreign languages: English, German
  • Since 2007 lawfirm Beiten Burkhardt
  • Since 2012 founder and managing partner at VALEN

Since 2019 in List of Best Lawyers

Who can use the service

Transaction support is relevant for:

  • Large corporations. Such companies handle complex transactions and often have internal legal departments. They can use our services if additional expertise is needed or the volume of work is increased.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses. They do not have their own legal departments. Such companies turn to us for support of specific transactions or regular legal advice.
  • Startups. They apply when concluding the first contracts, intellectual property issues and attracting investments.
  • Individual entrepreneurs.

The main reason for contacting our specialists is to minimize risks. Our lawyers will conduct a thorough study of business transactions, identify potential threats and warn against possible consequences. This will avoid long and costly litigation and preserve the company’s reputation.

Support of real estate transactions contributes to compliance with the law. Our lawyers are able to monitor all changes and ensure compliance with current rules and regulations in the field of intellectual property, licensing, taxation and other areas. Our lawyers have accompanied several hundred transactions, which helps to warn clients of potential problems, as well as offer effective solutions.

The cost of legal support of transactions

The price of the service depends on several key factors that affect the complexity and volume of the services provided. One of the main criteria is the type of transactions that are supported. The main factors of price formation:

  • The size and complexity of transactions.
  • The need for a complex and in-depth analysis of documents and the situation as a whole.
  • The location of the property.
  • The need for legal expertise.
  • The scope of work.
  • Non-standard situations.

Advantages of legal support

  • Minimization of legal risks. We help identify potential problems at the early stages of the transaction, which helps to avoid possible litigation in the future.
  • Compliance with the law, which is important in the context of constant changes in the legal sphere. We help to avoid fines and other negative consequences.
  • Optimization of transactions and creation of flexible legal structures. We enable companies to respond faster and more effectively to changes in the economic environment and maintain their competitiveness.
  • Ensuring legal reliability, security and sustainability in the long term.

Why do companies contact us?

VALEN’s specialist services are an important tool for ensuring the stability, security and success of companies. We support various transactions: from signing contracts to mergers and acquisitions. Our work helps to optimize the transaction and create a flexible legal framework.

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