Legal support of startups

A startup is a new business based on original ideas, often in the IT field. But not all startups become successful businesses, and many fail, including due to the lack of competent legal support.

VALEN company can provide legal support and advice to a startup both at the initial stage and after the launch of the activity when attracting investors and new clients.

Valentina Khlavich
Managing Partner
  • Law degree in Russian Federation
  • Studies at the University of Passau, Germany
  • Foreign languages: English, German
  • Since 2007 lawfirm Beiten Burkhardt
  • Since 2012 founder and managing partner at VALEN

Since 2019 in List of Best Lawyers

We provide the following legal services for startups:

Advisory services

  • to choose the form of ownership for a startup
  • to formalize relations with contractors (programmers, developers, etc.), to build a system of working with them
  • to protect intellectual rights, to formalize intellectual property
  • on legal risks associated with concluding contracts with investors, clients, etc.

Corporate support

  • determining the appropriate form of doing business
  • drafting a corporate contract
  • registration of a legal entity
  • preparation of local acts, regulations on the protection of trade secrets

Contractual work

  • preparation and legal support of contracts with investors, clients
  • creation of forms of standard contracts with contractors and providers
  • preparation of employment contracts
  • preparation and analysis of other contracts

Support with intellectual property rights

  • registration of intellectual property objects
  • creation of an intellectual property rights protection system
  • development of license agreements, agreements on alienation of intellectual property and other agreements related to intellectual rights

Interaction with state authorities

  • registration of intellectual property rights in Rospatent
  • representation of interests in the Federal Tax Service, Roskomnadzor, the Ministry of Finance, etc

VALEN Company provides high-quality and professional legal support to startups, providing:

  1. Situational online consultations
  2. Comprehensive legal support
  3. Development of a system of contracts for investors, contractors and employees
  4. Taking measures for registration and protection of intellectual property rights
  5. Project management in English

Our cases


Startup – game development studio has reached out to us for legal assistance to organize contractual work with contractors and registration of alienation of intellectual property rights, identification of risks of using open source and claims from copyright holders for the presence of borrowings in the game.

  • a number of contracts for the alienation of intellectual property rights have been prepared with both new contractors and current ones
  • non-disclosure agreements have been developed as an additional measure to protect intellectual property rights
  • system of concluding contracts with new contractors has been developed
  • the risks of using open source and borrowing in the game are identified, recommendations for their reduction and prevention are provided

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